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10.000 events

Openwaterswimming.eu - vr, 26/06/2015 - 01:58

10.000 events


This month we have added the 10,000th race in the calendar.
The counter for 2015 already stands now at 750 events.

We started in February 2008 with this website.
On For the organizers of events and other interested parties you can read about our history and backgrounds.

Fortunately, more and more organizations understand the usefulness to disclose their date as early as possible.
I'll say it again; "One can spend his money only once and they tend make their holiday plans as early in the year as possible."


5# Swim the Arctic Circle, Juoksengi in Sweden and Juoksenki in Finland

Openwaterswimming.eu - 9 uur 29 min geleden
Date: Saturday, 11 July, 2015 (All day)


3000 meters

Night swimming in the bright nordic summer night. Starting from the Finish shore right after midnight, Finnish hour. You will not only swim over the border between Sweden and Finland, but also cross the Arctic Circle and the time zone. The one that is able to swim the distance in less than 60 minutes will actually cross the finish-line before the day the competition began. 



1500 meters

The mass start at 1500 meters is done during daytime. It starts at the Tullbeach north of the Arctic Circle and before reaching the finish-line south of the Arctic Circle you will have swum over the national boarder to Finland. Start and finish at the Swedish shore.

Start och mål på svenska mark.


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42# Santa Fe – Coronda cancelled mid race

Openwaterswimming.eu - 14 uur 57 min geleden

The 42nd annual Maratón Acuática Internacional Santa Fe – Coronda in Argentina was cancelled mid-race because the weather conditions became dangerous.

Oncoming storm conditions that could have put the athletes, escorts and spectators at risk made the authorities decide to stop the race.

FINAMaraton swimAmericas

FINA tries to seduce swimmers with money to swim at the UAE 10 km

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 28/02/2015 - 15:52

FINA Insider Tells Bureau ‘Rules Broken’ For UAE To Triple Prize Pot & Scupper Crippen Cup

A senior member of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee (TOWSC) has written to the Bureau member who serves as the official liaison between experts and career politicians at the federation to remind him that rules have been broken when it comes to the United Arab Emirates offering triple prize money to entice swimmers to its open water event four years after the death of Fran Crippen there.

The debate over FINA returning Open Water to the UAE so soon after the death of Fran Crippen in October 2010 tipped over into greater controversy his week when it emerged that the UAE, with FINA permission, had increased the prize money for its Marathon Series event next month from US$20,000 to $60,000 even though TOWSC members were told categorically last autumn that there could be no change to the level of financial rewards for each round of the FINA tour until a possible rule change could be voted on in 2016.

read the rest on: http://www.swimvortex.com/


FINA Confirms Open Water Race in UAE Where Fran Crippen Died; Triples Prize Pool

LAUSANNE – FINA has stripped the “to be confirmed” tag from the Abu Dhabi, UAE open water event that is part of its FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup schedule.

The event, scheduled for March 13 just a bit more than four years after the death of Fran Crippen in a FINA open water race in Fujairah, UAE at the age of 26, has already been part of a firestorm of controversy.

Last month when FINA officially released the schedule with a potential UAE stop, USA Swimming engaged in what for all intents and purposes is a boycott of the event.

USA Swimming has been careful regarding the verbiage of a boycott for various reasons.  First and foremost, USA Swimming really can’t engage in a boycott of a professional event.  If U.S. pro swimmers want to compete somewhere, USA Swimming cannot legally deny them the right to pursue wages.  What USA Swimming can and did do, however, is state that it would not be providing any support to anyone going to the competition in the UAE.

read the rest on: http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com

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Oceanman attracks high portion of interntional athletes

Openwaterswimming.eu - wo, 25/02/2015 - 23:33

Article written by Jonathan Cowie from the H2Open magazine and about Oceanman series

In a recent blog post we discussed trends in open water swimming. One of those trends was the continuing growth in ‘swim tourism‘. But swim tourism needn’t be an organised trip with boat support and meals and accommodation included; plenty of swimmers are choosing to enter races abroad and travel independently.

Maybe it is the seemingly never-ending British winter that makes an early season swim in sunnier climes so appealing. If you are prepared to travel, New Zealand and Australia offer plenty of possibilities: check out the State Ocean Swim series in New Zealand or the Cerberus Classic in Australia. Closer to home, southern Europe offers plenty of Spring swimming opportunities. The Oceanman is a series of four races in Spain and Italy, culminating in the Oceanman European Championship in Benidorm in October. But the first two races take place in April and May, giving northern Europeans the chance to get an early start to their swimming season.

Jo Chapman of the UK has signed up to the Oceanman Altea on 26 May: “I was attracted to Oceanman because it is early season – I have wintered really well this year and loved the idea of getting a high quality 5km under my belt before the domestic season really kicks in. The locations look stunning, organisers have been incredibly helpful and I can’t wait to get started!”

To date 25% of registrations to the Oceanman Altea and Palamós swims are from international swimmers and the events are already 60% sold out.

The proximity of Spain makes the swims an attractive proposition. “I am travelling out early on Saturday morning and back Monday afternoon,” says Chapman. “This is the beauty of this series – they are close enough to do in a weekend, limiting the impact on training, family and work.”

More information on the Oceanman series: http://oceanman-openwater.com/en/

copied with permission.

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Lewis Pugh broke his own record in the sea off Cape Adare, Antarctica

Openwaterswimming.eu - zo, 22/02/2015 - 15:53

I've never known pain like it, says British endurance swimmer as he sets record for most southerly swim ever in temperatures as low as -1.7C

Lewis Pugh broke his own record in the sea off Cape Adare, Antarctica. Needed 50-minute shower just to warm up core body temperature. 45-year-old is completing five swims to raise awareness about Ross Sea

An endurance swimmer who beat the record for the most southerly swim ever in just a pair of Speedos said he has 'never felt pain like it'.

Lewis Pugh swam 500 metres around icebergs and in water temperatures of minus 1.7 degrees on Thursday.

Although he only spent ten minutes in the sea at Cape Adare, Antarctica, the 45-year-old required a 50-minute hot shower to warm up.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk cold_water/winter swimmingAntartica

Cumbrian brothers plan to swim the River Eden

Openwaterswimming.eu - vr, 20/02/2015 - 14:10

Jack, 23, Calum, 25, and Robbie Hudson, 27, from Langwathby have taken on the biggest challenge of their lives by attempting to swim the 90mile long river that runs from Mallerstang to Solway Firth.

After finishing his first Ironman triathlon, middle brother Calum was soon restless and searching for things to do.

“I wanted to do something no one had ever done before,” says Calum.

“The Eden flows past the bottom of our garden so I didn't have to look far and after some research verified that it had never been swum in its entirety.

read the rest on: http://www.cumbrialive.co.uk/home/cumbrian-brothers-plan-to-swim-the-river-eden-1.1193638

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Indian Open swim team attempts world record

Openwaterswimming.eu - vr, 20/02/2015 - 13:56

.......The previous record was held by a team from Israel for swimming a total distance of 380 kms in 123.2 hrs. To beat this record, the six-member Indian Open Water swim team - The Sea Hawks - set off from Dona Paula in Goa last Friday and were all set to swim a distance of 490 kms along the Konkan coastline and reach Gateway of India in Mumbai on Thursday in 156 hours. But owing to strong winds and warnings of high tides, the team culminated just short of Gateway of India clocking a total distance of 433.11 kms instead.

The Swimming Federation of India had deputed an independent observer to observe and ratify the record...

read the rest on: http://www.thehindu.com/sport/other-sports/indian-open-swim-team-attempts-world-record/article6913205.ece


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Nejib Belhedi ends Iron Swim attempt after 3.5 hours

Openwaterswimming.eu - ma, 16/02/2015 - 14:29

On Valentine’s Day, Nejib Belhedi attempted to swim from the island of Kerkennah to Sfax, Tunisia’s second city. It’s a distance of about 18km. For experienced open water swimmers, such a swim is relatively routine, but Nejib wanted to make it harder. He wanted a challenge to justify the description “Iron Swim” so he added in a boat to tow and chose to swim at the coldest time of year.

- See more at: http://www.h2openmagazine.com/news/nejib-belhedi-ends-iron-swim-attempt-after-35-hours/#sthash.HNDZAJia.UYWg8j7x.dpuf

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results: 2015 FINA OWS 88K - Maraton Acuatico Internacional Hernandarias-Parana, Argentina

Openwaterswimming.eu - di, 10/02/2015 - 15:24



Women # Athlete Fed. Time 1 Alice FRANCO ITA 2:18.28 2 Pilar GEIJO ARG 2:18:56 3 Fabiana LAMBERTI  ITA 2:20:08 4 Esther NUNEZ  ESP  2:20:14 5 Nicoletta SIMONAZZI  ITA  2:30:41 6 Vicenia NAVARRO VEN  2:32:08 7 Rita GARCIA ARG 2:32:29 8 Thais SANT ANA  BRA  2:37:06         Men # Athlete Fed. Time 1 Mario SANZULLO ITA 2:10:41 2 Simone ERCOLI ITA  2:10:44 3 Alexander STUDZINSKI  GER 2:11:49 4 Evgennij POP MKD  2:11:50 5 Bertrand VENTURI FRA 2:13:48 6 Edoardo STOCHINO ITA  2:14:05 7 Erwin MALDONADO  VEN 2:15:13 8 Damian BLAUM ARG 2:15:24 9 Evangelista MATHEUS  BRA  2:17:27 10 Tsvetan YORDANOV BUL 2:18:50 11 Samir BAREL BRA  2:18:59 12 Aleksandar ILIEEVSKY  MKD  2:19:20 13 Marcos RODRIGUES  BRA 2:22:26 14 Luciano SALES  ARG  2:24:09 15 Emanuel BRONDO ARG  2:26:49 16 Mauricio GATICA  ARG  2:32:18 17 Fernando CIARAMELLA ARG 2:45:25 FINAMaraton swimAmericas

results: 2015 FINA OWS 10K - Las Patagones-Viedma, Argentina

Openwaterswimming.eu - di, 10/02/2015 - 15:18



Women # Athlete Fed. Time 1 Rachelle BRUNI ITA 2:02:58.35 2 Kristel KOBRICH CHI 2:02:59.25 3 Cecilia BIAGIOLI ARG 2:03:09.54 3 Samantha AREVALO ECU 2:04:92.94 5 Martina GRIMALDI ITA 2:04:23.49 6 Angela MAURER GER 2:04:58.94 7 Giorgia CONSIGLIO ITA 2:05.04:96 8 Valentina PEREZ VEN 2:07:51.53 9 Olga KOZYDUB RUS 2:07:53.51 10 Angelica ANDRE POR 2:08:40.28 11 Estefania HERNANDEZ VEN 2:08:41.64 12 Julia ARINO ARG 2:10:42.36 13 Carolina BILICH BRA 2:10:47.06 14 Mariia MORIKOVA RUS 2:10:52.08 15 Gabriela CORDEIRO BRA 2:10:52.63 16 Montserrat ORTUNO MEX 2:11:10.10 17 Vania NEVES POR 2:11:15.90 18 Zaira CARDENAS MEX 2:14:44.53 19 Betina LORSCHEITTER BRA 2:14:50.94 20 Viviane EICHELBERGER JUNGBLUT BRA 2:17:56.07 21 Ophelie ASPORD FRA 2:19:16.19 22 Carmen CLEMANT MATERANO VEN 2:24:07.20 23 Stephanie HORNER CAN 2:24:11.97 24 Tali LEMCOFF ISR 2:24:19.06 25 Xeniya ROMANCHUK KAZ 2:28:31.04 26 Nataly CALDAS CALLE ECU 2:28:42.19 27 Alejandra QUINECHE DIAZ PER 2:28:45.59 28 Xiomara CASTILLO VELASCO BOL 2:31:21.56   Soledad INWINKELRIED ARG DNF   Karin ROMERO SERWATKA ARG OTL   Nicole VALDIVIA DANNENBER CHI DNF   Aurora PONSELLE ITA DNF   Patricia CASTANEDA MEX DNF   Belen GARCETE ACHON PAR OTL   Michele ORIHUELA GIANOTTI PAR DNF   Rocio GARCIA NARANJO PER DNF   Mercedes ITURBE FRANZIUS VEN DNF   Men # Athlete Fed. Time 1 Simone RUFFINI ITA 1:55:10.28 2 Alan DO CARMO BRA 1:55:12.44 3 Diogo VILLARINHO BRA 1:55:16.40 4 Romain BERAUD FRA 1:55:16.46 5 Federico VANELLI ITA 1:55:17.60 6 Esteban ENDERICA ECU 1:55:18.96 7 Christian REICHERT GER 1:55:23.90 8 Matteo FURLAN ITA 1:56:01.18 9 Brian RYCKEMAN BEL 1:56:04.46 10 Damien CATTIN VIDAL FRA 1:56:10.52 11 Guillermo BERTOLA ARG 1:56:11.00 12 Alfonzo CARRENO MENDOZA VEN 1:57:37.16 13 Armando DELGADO VEN 1:57:37.75 14 Charlie CUIGNET FRA 1:57:44.34 15 Gaspar VASCO POR 1:57:49.10 16 Evgeni DRATTSEV RUS 1:57:52.52 17 Gabriel VILLAGOIZ ARG 1:57:53.01 18 Vitaly KHUDYAKOV KAZ 1:57:53.43 19 Daniel SERBRENNIKOV RUS 1:57:55.94 20 Benjamin BRANTU FRA 1:57:57.37 21 Jose SEGOVIA VEN 1:57:57.88 22 Shahar RESMAN ISR 1:57:58.46 23 Miguel CARRIZO ARG 1:58:01.38 24 Daniel DELGADILLO MEX 1:58:02.63 25 Santiago ENDERICA ECU 1:58:03.46 26 Rafael GIL POR 1:58:10.72 27 Yann CORBEL FRA 1:58:15.41 28 David AUBRY FRA 1:59:26.28 29 Pierre LEGOUT FRA 1:59:30.96 30 Philippe GUERTIN CAN 1:59:37.05 31 Felipe TAPIA CHI 2:00:32.28 32 Jean-Pierre MONTEAGUDO PER 2:00:40.61 33 Yohann AUBRY FRA 2:01:21.97 34 Yuval SAFRA ISR 2:01:23.95 35 Arturo PEREZ VERTI MEX 2:03:25.38 36 Samuel DE BONA BRA 2:03:28.63 37 Giovanni GUTIERREZ PER 2:07:36.62 38 Fernando BOLANOS VEN 2:07:54.70 39 Aquiles BALAUDO ARG 2:10:12.16 40 Rodrigo CABALLERO BOL 2:11:14.97 41 Martin CULELA MAGNANI URU 2:16:43.00   Gustavo PACCOT PIRIZ URU OTL   Eduardo OPAZO CHI OTL   Zedheir TORRES BOL OTL   Rogerio ARAPIRACA BRA DNF   Fernando ARMIJO ECU DNF   Antoine GOZDOWSKI FRA DNF   Nicola BOLZONELLO ITA DNF   Alfredo VILLA MEJIA MEX DNF FINA10K swimAmericas

Numbers contestants Oceanman Altea and Oceanman Palamós growing fast

Openwaterswimming.eu - di, 10/02/2015 - 11:34

To this day more than 60% of registrations sold out and keeping up with high numbers of international participants (25% average).

As usual the organizers of the event keep an eye on every detail to make this edition truly memorable. In the light of this, the little ones will get their special treat as well at the Oceanman Altea. What can be better than a bouncy castle service to have a day full of fun and entertainment? This year we're rounding out our open water weekend with a traditional lunch and Valencian paella, a mouthwatering region's signature dish summed up in one word: DELICIOUS!

Oceanman Palamós is not legging behind in details and high standards set by the organization either. Its priviliged location in one of the most awe-inspiring villages on the Costa Brava is a true paradise on Earth. The novelty of this year is the 9.5km race around the Formigues Islands. The list of  the weekend's must do's also features a local lunch!

Swimmers competing in the long distance 10km race will be rewarded with a secret trophey. More reasons to become the Oceanman or Oceanwoman of the season!


Last but not least to remind you that the OCEANMAN open water project is the extension of Swim the Costa Brava event born three years ago.

And, of course, our thanks to the sponsoring brands of the project: Arena, Xterra wetsuits, Chillswim ,  Boyer, Barilla, Nocilla, OXD, Nutriesport, Caixa Altea, Hertz, Pierre &  Vacances among other collaborators.

More info available at: www.oceanman.net


local swim(s)sponsorSpain

Pugh puts his body in ice to save a sea

Openwaterswimming.eu - ma, 02/02/2015 - 13:15

Cape Town - Ocean advocate and pioneering swimmer Lewis Pugh is about to embark on five record-breaking swims in the freezing Antarctic Ocean in an effort to help save the Ross Sea from irreversible damage.

The five swims will form the most challenging and dangerous swimming effort ever undertaken by man. With no insulation other than a Speedo swimming costume, Lewis will break the world record for the most southerly swim in three of his five swims. As well as the obvious dangers of subjecting his body to the stresses of sub-zero water, Lewis will be swimming in seas patrolled by killer whales and leopard seals.

Lewis, the UN Patron of the Oceans, is taking on these five swims for one reason – to gain global support for the Ross Sea to become an MPA (Marine Protected Area) that would limit human interference. The Ross Sea is one of the most pristine marine ecosystems on the planet, and home to many species found nowhere else on earth. The historical records trapped in its ice-shelf tell the story of the evolution of our planet. As a result, the area is of huge significance to marine biologists and conservation groups who are determined to protect and learn from this unique stretch of ocean.

read the rest on: http://www.sport24.co.za/OtherSport/South-Africa/Pugh-puts-his-body-in-ice-to-save-a-sea-20150202

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The Ice Women cometh – why are so many ladies choosing to swim outdoors without wetsuits?

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 31/01/2015 - 15:34

It may not be how most of us choose to exercise but ice swimming is becoming increasingly popular as this weekend’s sell out Big Chill Event in Windermere shows. Chris Price speaks to the women who venture out into our lakes, rivers and seas all year round without a wetsuit and asks why?

While most of us sit shivering at home huddled by the fire at this time of year, there’s a growing number of women (and it is mostly women) who are putting on their swimming cossies and heading down to their nearest lake or pond for a refreshing dip in the water.

Outdoor swimming, or open water swimming, isn’t just gaining popularity as a summer past time to cool ourselves down. Those who are keen to feel the invigorating effects of often exceptionally cold water are also taking the plunge – without the protective covering of a wetsuit

read the rest on: http://www.shinyshiny.tv/2015/01/ice-women-cometh.html

cold_water/winter swimmingGreat Britain /UK

North Bondi Roughwater ocean swim has closest finish ever as thousands compete despite poor weather

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:28

OLLIE Signorini beat more than 1000 competitors to the finish line in treacherous conditions at the North Bondi Roughwater open water swim on Sunday.

The Collaroy-based swimmer won the 1km event, in what organisers called the ‘closest finish in race history’.

Signorini, who also won the 2014 swim, finished the race in 12:08, shaving more than three minutes off his time last year.

read the full article and see the pictures @ Daily Telegraph

local swim(s)Australia & Oceania

Sierra Leone Sports: SLSDWA outlines plans for 2015

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:25

The Scribe of Sierra Leone Swimming Diving and Water Polo Association (SLSDWA), Mohamed Turay has released their calendar of activities for 2015.
Speaking to Mohamed Turay in an interview with this medium he said the association have so many activities to undertake this year, that is why they have outlined their plans very early to work in line with the Ministry of Sport, Sport Council and the National Olympic Committee-Sierra Leone.

read the full article @ Awoko

local swim(s)Afrika

Select few can enter challenge to swim all the lakes

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:19

THE STAGE is set for people looking to dive head first into the largest swimming challenge in the Lake District's history.

Ambleside-based swim company Head to the Hills have created the Great Lake District Swim Challenge which will see entrants swim up to 17 lakes across two weekends.

The event is split into the east and west lakes but for those attempting both challenges they will be swimming a combined distance of 16.1km when the event kicks off on August 7.

Read the full article @ The Westmoreland Gazette

local swim(s)Great Britain /UK

First U.S. Winter Swimming Championships To Be Held In Memphremagog

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:14

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the United States Winter Swimming Championships. They haven't actually happened yet. Newport is hosting the inaugural event next month, in Lake Memphremagog.

This isn't about just jumping though a hole in the ice for a charitable cause (although that will be happening too). We're talking 25-, 50- and 100-meter races in a two-lane pool cut out of the lake ice.

read the full article @ VPR


cold_water/winter swimmingAmericas

Wild winter swimmers addicted to the buzz and health benefits from plunging into icy lochs

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 22:52

SWIMMERS love the sense of adventure of braving the cold in just trunks or a costume and are feeling the benefits too.

A DIP in Scotland’s lochs is a chilly enough prospect in the summer – yet a growing number swim in winter too.

And many of these swimmers are turning their backs on wetsuits and plunging into icy waters wearing just trunks or a costume.

The hardy souls are convinced that there are numerous benefits to their regular open-water swims.

read the full article and see the pictures @ DailyRecord

cold_water/winter swimmingGreat Britain /UK

Madhu Nagaraja hopes to become 22nd person to swim across the Strait of Magellan

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 21:01

Madhu Nagaraja describes his upcoming attempt to swim across Chile’s Strait of Magellan to be by far the greatest challenge he’s ever faced.

When you’ve already successfully crossed Lake Ontario and the English Channel, and you’ve run more than 251 kilometres in five days in the Sahara Desert, that’s saying something.

Read the full article @ InsideHalton

cold_water/winter swimmingAmericas