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How to be aquatic: Bryan Mineo’s journey from the lakes of Texas to the Pacific Ocean - vr, 17/06/2016 - 01:26

It began in on a hot summer day in a backyard pool in Bedford, Texas. The kid wouldn’t get out of the water.

His mother had come out to call him to dinner. He was hungry, but staying in the water was better. He liked to go upside down in a handstand or dive deep and swim along the floor almost effortlessly, the earthbound laws of gravity no longer applicable. He liked the way the sound flowed through water, the slow-motion thump of his own heartbeat, the long whoosh of his own breath, the way light speckled through the swaying blue of the pool water.

Bryan Mineo was four years old and he’d just come to a realization. He wanted to be in the water, always.

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Jordan Wilimovsky has taken the long route -- marathon swimming -- to the Rio Olympics - vr, 17/06/2016 - 01:20

The reigning men’s world champion in 10-kilometer open-water swimming — also the first U.S. swimmer to qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Games — failed the first swim test he ever took.

Jordan Wilimovsky of Malibu was 9 and wanted to join his friends at a summer lifeguard camp. He knew how to swim but had never taken lessons. “It was the junior lifeguard camp they have on L.A. County beaches every summer,” he said. “I tried to do the swim test and I didn’t make the time.”

Hoping to get below the 100-yard standard of 1 minute 50 seconds, Wilimovsky joined a team. He made the cut but didn’t immediately take to the sport. “I was very bad at swimming for a long time. I would not call myself naturally talented at swimming,” he said. “I put in a lot of hours and stuff before I started getting better.”

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Marc makes a bid to swim Channel starting at....

Channel Challenge - vr, 17/06/2016 - 01:13

THIS July, Marc Newman will be attempting to swim the English Channel and raise money for Julia's House children's hospice.

Thirty-one years ago he swam the English Channel for the first time. This year he planning to do it again at the end of July but he is going the long way round, starting from a different location, Dungeness.

As a result the crossing will be nearly 25 per cent longer than the traditional route, a distance of 26 miles.

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Santorini Experience returns for 2nd year on 7-9 October 2016 - vr, 17/06/2016 - 01:05

The event that caught the attention of sports friends and offered special moments and emotions to professional and amateur athletes, returns for a second consecutive year in the energetic island of Santorini during the second weekend of October ( 07-09 /10/2016)

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‘Queen of the Channel’ Cindy Nicholas dead at 58 - vr, 17/06/2016 - 01:02

The marathon swimmer crossed Lake Ontario and set record for crossing the English channel.

Cindy Nicholas, the former Scarborough MPP and record-setting marathon swimmer is being remembered for her cheerful exuberance in life and her explosiveness in the open water.

“She was strong, fast, a real good competitor,” said fellow Canadian marathon swimmer Kim Lumsdon, who, along with Nicholas, Winnipeg-born Vicki Keith and Etobicoke’s Loreen Passfield, dominated distance swimming in the 1970s and 1980s.

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‘Queen of the Channel’ Cindy Nicholas dead at 58

Channel Challenge - vr, 17/06/2016 - 01:01

The marathon swimmer crossed Lake Ontario and set record for crossing the English channel.

Cindy Nicholas, the former Scarborough MPP and record-setting marathon swimmer is being remembered for her cheerful exuberance in life and her explosiveness in the open water.

“She was strong, fast, a real good competitor,” said fellow Canadian marathon swimmer Kim Lumsdon, who, along with Nicholas, Winnipeg-born Vicki Keith and Etobicoke’s Loreen Passfield, dominated distance swimming in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Swimming-Dutch couple see Olympics from one extreme to another - vr, 17/06/2016 - 00:57

LONDON, May 19 (Reuters) - The Rio Games will be both a sprint and a marathon for Dutch triple Olympic gold medallist Ranomi Kromowidjojo and her partner Ferry Weertman.

Kromowidjojo is the reigning champion in 50 and 100 metres freestyle, the fastest events on the women's swimming programme, while Weertman took the men's 10km open water silver medal at last year's world championships.

Their preparations are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

"I never knew anything about open water swimming before one year ago and now I do," Kromowidjojo told reporters at the European championships on Thursday, a day after she took silver in the 100 metres freestyle in 53.24 seconds.

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Undersized and understated, Jordan Wilimovsky, Northwestern’s world champion, goes for Olympic gold - vr, 17/06/2016 - 00:53

When he jumped in the water at the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russia, Jordan Wilimovsky’s goal was to finish in the top 10. The Olympics were just over a year away, and Wilimovsky knew that if he snagged a top-10 result, he would secure his spot on the United States’ team in Rio de Janeiro.

Nearly two hours later, the rising Northwestern senior was a world champion. He blew away the competition to win the 10 kilometer open water swim by around 12 seconds, the largest margin in the history of the event. Three months after his 21st birthday, the unassuming Wilimovsky had not only secured his Olympic berth, he established himself as the best open water swimmer in the world.

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Swimmer to take on the entire length of the River Severn for charity - vr, 17/06/2016 - 00:45

The River Severn is the longest river in the UK and Vale Open Water Swimming Club member Ross O'Sullivan will be swimming the entire 354km distance for charity next month.

Starting from the Severn's source in Llandiloes on June 1, Mr O'Sullivan will spend 20 days swimming 15 to 20km a day to Severn beach in Gloucestershire. Between bouts of swimming he will be camping out overnight on the river bank and will be joined by two kayakers for safety.

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How Marathon Swimmer Dan Simonelli Prepares for the English Channel

Channel Challenge - di, 14/06/2016 - 23:45

By Melissa Berkay, Swimming World College Intern

Swimming is an amazing sport. It challenges individuals to overcome obstacles, set short-term and long-term goals, be disciplined, develop time management skills, learn values of hard work and determination, and demonstrate the courage it takes to push your body to its limits. A topic consistently discussed in the sport of swimming is pool swimming. A step further into the realm of swimming that is not as exposed is open water marathon swimming. Marathon swimming is obtaining more media attention every year and the amount of swimmers who have stepped out of the pool and into the ocean for open water races has increased.

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25 dingen die je herkent als je het Kanaal van Engeland naar Frankrijk wil overzwemmen voor het goede doel

Channel Challenge - di, 14/06/2016 - 23:37

Op 10 september 2016 is het zover! Dan zal Reinout Cloet (24) uit Roeselare een poging doen om het kanaal tussen Engeland en Frankrijk over te steken. Een huzarenstukje waarbij hij ook nog eens voor het goede doel Make-A-Wish geld wil inzamelen zodat zij nog veel meer kinderdromen in vervulling kunnen laten gaan. 

Reinout Cloet (24) uit Roeselare wil binnen een goeie vier maanden in september 2016 het kanaal overzwemmen tussen Engeland en Frankrijk en dat allemaal om geld in te zamelen voor Make-A-Wish. Hij startte dit project door een samenloop van omstandigheden in september 2014 en zal in september 2016 hier dus een dikke twee jaar en een goeie 1800 zwemkilometers hiervoor getraind hebben. Deze 25 dingen herken je sowieso als je zelf kanaalzwemmer bent.

1. Je moet je chauffage de ganse winter afzetten om te wennen aan de koude

lees de rest en bekijk de foto's >>> hier <<<

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Ban the ban on open water swimming in Great Britain - za, 21/05/2016 - 15:22

press release
With the weather finally heating up, specialist open water swimming magazine H2open is calling on public bodies and local authorities to change prohibitive messaging around open water swimming and for swimming lessons geared towards open water safety to be made available to children, from a young age.

Open water swimming is becoming increasingly popular in the UK with tens of thousands participating in organised events in lakes, rivers and seas. What was once a niche hobby is now a marketable recreational activity with companies running training camps up and down the country and selling out popular events. As an island nation we are surrounded by water and also fortunate to have breathtakingly beautiful natural swimming pools at our disposal in the form of lakes and rivers but prohibitive ‘Danger: No Swimming’ signs are as effective a barrier to responsible swimmers as gates and electric fences.

H2Open believes that scaremongering does not tackle the underlying problem, which is that too few people know how to swim and stay safe in open water.


Simon Griffiths, founder of H2Open says: “In 2014, 138 people in the UK drowned after falling in while running or walking alongside water. It would be ludicrous to ban these activities close to water yet councils and water companies ban people from swimming in open water, which sees far fewer deaths. At the same time, the emergency services frequently – and erroneously – tell us that open water is extremely dangerous. Scaremongering doesn’t tackle the underlying problem, which is that too few people know to swim and stay safe in open water. This starts with basic swimming ability in the pool, where we are already failing thousands of children in schools each year, but goes beyond this to teaching water awareness, an appreciation of the risks and basic survival skills.”

He added: “we also strongly believe that exercising outside, especially swimming, is a wonderful thing that should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. It’s therefore a shame that vast numbers of sensible people are put off open water swimming in an attempt to protect a few reckless ones.”

About H2Open Magazine

H2Open Magazine covers all aspects of open water swimming, from wild swimming to swimming holidays and long distance challenges, and it’s relevant to anyone who’s interested in open water whether they are just starting out or have multiple English Channel crossings to their name.

Find out more at:

Contact: Simon Griffiths||07958 312607

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International swimmers looking forward to big event

Channel Challenge - za, 09/04/2016 - 15:13

Two top international ocean swimmers are looking forward to joining hundreds of Aucklanders in the annual cross-harbour Chelsea swim this weekend - and one of them will be raising money for a Kiwi cancer battler while they are at it.

Kiwi-born Tracy Clark and South African Roger Finch bring a rare shared record of swimming some of world’s great challenges, but say the Chelsea swim will be a real treat as a warm up for an upcoming Cook St attempt and because of the fun and long standing community spirit of the event.

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Hamilton Psychiatrist and Professional Swimmer to Raise Fund

Channel Challenge - za, 09/04/2016 - 15:09

Press Release – Sashbear Foundation

Hamilton psychiatrist Marilyn Korzekwa, 58, is training to become the first Canadian to swim the Cook Strait, the body of water that separates the north and south islands of New Zealand. Only 84 swimmers have successfully crossed the Cook Strait in the …Hamilton Psychiatrist and Professional Swimmer to Raise Funds for BPD

Hamilton psychiatrist Marilyn Korzekwa, 58, is training to become the first Canadian to swim the Cook Strait, the body of water that separates the north and south islands of New Zealand. Only 84 swimmers have successfully crossed the Cook Strait in the past 53 years

Korzekwa is undertaking the challenge, scheduled for mid March, to raise $10,000 for the Sashbear Foundation a recognized Canadian charity founded in memory of elite swimmer Sasha Menu Courey who lost her battle to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and died by suicide at the age of 20. The Sashbear Foundation’s mission is to help lead a mental health reform movement by promoting awareness for the need of early prevention, recognition, timely intervention and access to affordable treatment of individuals with BPD and emotion dysregulation.

Korzekwa, who has dedicated her career to BPD treatment and research, believes that the disorder can be successfully treated and that more programs are desperately needed. The illness has a suicide rate of 10 per cent.

The Cook Strait challenge, scheduled for the March 16 to 20 low tide window, is considered to be one of the most difficult swims in the world with water temperatures dipping to 15 degrees Celsius and is expected to take 13 hours. In addition to frigid water, Korzekwa will face high winds and waves from the Tasman Sea and the South Pacific Ocean. Making the swim all the more treacherous are unpredictable tides and violent eddies. The first swimmer to complete a double crossing of Cook Strait, Philip Rush, will officiate.

Korzekwa has an impressive resume of accomplishments as a long distance swimmer. She was the first person to swim Lake Ontario in both directions — south to north in 1983, and north to south in 1984, and is the oldest woman to complete the 20 km swim around Key West, Florida.

In 2011, Korzekwa swam the English Channel (34 km) in extremely cold water and high winds for which the Channel Swimming Association awarded her the Van Audenaerde Endurance Cup for the year’s most difficult feat of endurance. Last year she became the first person to swim between three provinces — Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island — a distance of 34 km which took 16 hours and 41 minutes. She is the first Canadian to complete the Triple Crown of marathon swimming comprised of the English Channel, the San Pedro Strait from Catalina Island to mainland California and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

To sponsor Dr. Marilyn Korzekwa go to To follow her progress visit

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Amputees SWAM across the CHANNEL to raise money for limbless veterans

Channel Challenge - za, 09/04/2016 - 15:02

They left Dover on a crisp September morning and made history 12 hours and 14 minutes later when they set landed on the beach at Cap Gris Nez in France.

As our video shows, Jamie Gillespie, 40,  Conrad Thorpe, 51,  Craig Howarth, 47, and Steve White, 50,  did not find the challenge easy but they persevered because they were also raising more than £3,500 for Blesma, The Limbless Veterans charity.

Now they have been nominated in the People's Choice category at the Soldiering On Awards 2016.

Under Channel Swimming Association rules, they were not allowed to wear wet suits or prosthetics.

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Endurance swimming star Adam Walker's 'Man VS Ocean' book released

Channel Challenge - za, 09/04/2016 - 14:51

Picking up a new hobby after watching a movie on an aeroplane may seem fairly normal to most people – but when that new hobby involves swimming the English Channel followed by some of the most dangerous straits of water known to man, it begins to sound less conventional!  

Adam Walker did exactly that, and eventually his accomplishments in swimming allowed him to turn his passion into a career as a

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Syrian Refugee Who Swam to Greece Sets Sights on Olympics - za, 02/04/2016 - 02:04

This 18-year-old’s quest - and what she has overcome - will inspire you.

BERLIN—When a tiny motorboat’s engine stalled in salty, cold waters just off the shore of Turkey, the fate of the 20 refugees packed on board fell into the hands of 18-year-old Syrian Yusra Mardini. She, her sister, and a family friend were the only swimmers on board the craft that was trying to make the passage to Lesbos, Greece—a dangerous trip that has claimed countless lives. As water started filling the boat, the three women jumped out and began swimming to push the boat to Greek shores. What should have been a 45-minute trip became a harrowing physical test.

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Jellyfish stings, great white sharks and gruelling conditions - Tracy’s incredible open-water swimming journey

Channel Challenge - za, 02/04/2016 - 01:46

2016-04-02 - Voorburg - Een artikel op internet gevonden over Tracy Clark die een ruime tijd in huizen gewoond heeft en daar trainde. Ze heeft diverse open water evenementen gezwommen in die tijd en Het Kanaal. Deze Nieuw Zeelanse was de eerste inwoner van Nederland met een Ice Mile in 2015.

Putting aside a hardy wet-suit for a traditional costume, Thorpe St Andrew woman Tracy Clark has tackled some of the world’s most challenging open-water swims, a hobby-turned-career which has seen her raise £16,000 for various charities.

While it began four years ago as an ambitious dream to swim the English Channel, the 46-year-old is now hoping to become just the seventh person in the world to complete Ocean’s Seven, a formidable list of the seven most gruelling open-water challenges across the globe, of which three she has already ticked off.

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24 K Sea Swimming - di, 29/03/2016 - 10:49

24 K Swim Across Gate Way of India to Belapur Jetty

Anushka Purandare’s first ever Solo Swim gave her a reward to believe that she is First & Only girl swimmer to swim across Gate Way of India to Belapur although two of her teammate boys have already swum this distance and others 2 or 3 swimmers from reverse side. This 17 years old 11th standard swimmer completed the 24 K stretch in 4.59 hrs. When asked, she reacted.”I was tensed, I have done few races in the sea and river but this was solo, I was all alone in the sea,” She laughed. “I also missed Sunk Rock Race due to my tonsillitis operation”.  Her 10 K Swim in Goa and Porbandar helped her to cope up with the waves. We chose 2nd biggest tide of the year on 12th March for the swim. However, Anushka’s final exams started from that day. “I was worried, I didn’t want to let go this opportunity, but my College Principle permitted me within no time, that was sigh of relief” Tejas Shankaran, an experienced marathon swimmer paced her in last zone. Just 200 mts before finish, water had heavy current under Belapur Bridge. “I was frightened there; I got drifted away from Tejas in just a second. She looked comfortable and I was struggling, I thought something went very wrong”. But Anushka managed to cross that current and  touched Jetty in fashion, by doing Butterfly Strokes for last 30-40 mts. 

Anushka is very dedicated girl. She has shown great interest in Open Water Swimming. She had good marks in Board exam but chose Bachelor of Art side so that she can pursue her swimming career.

Dr. Snehal Purandare, proud mother of Anushka was thrilled with the swim. “I attended so many treks, but this was a different voyage, a unique experience” Anushka is now training to gain some more speed to swim much faster, much longer.

Jitendra Khasnis

Swimming Coach, India


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Why Being Near The Ocean Can Make You Calmer And More Creative

Channel Challenge - wo, 09/03/2016 - 00:36

Bij Huffington Post vond ik dit artikel over de rol van water in ons leven. Waarom trekt het zo? Een antwoord?

Since ancient times, humans have assigned healing and transformational properties to water. In early Rome, baths were an important part of cultural life, a place where citizens went to find relaxation and to connect with others in a calming setting. In ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal wisdom, and traditional Chinese medicine, the water element is crucial to balancing the body and creating physical harmony. Rivers have long been seen as sacred places, and in a number of different spiritual contexts, water has symbolized rebirth, spiritual cleansing and salvation.

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