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North Bondi Roughwater ocean swim has closest finish ever as thousands compete despite poor weather

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:28

OLLIE Signorini beat more than 1000 competitors to the finish line in treacherous conditions at the North Bondi Roughwater open water swim on Sunday.

The Collaroy-based swimmer won the 1km event, in what organisers called the ‘closest finish in race history’.

Signorini, who also won the 2014 swim, finished the race in 12:08, shaving more than three minutes off his time last year.

read the full article and see the pictures @ Daily Telegraph

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Sierra Leone Sports: SLSDWA outlines plans for 2015

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:25

The Scribe of Sierra Leone Swimming Diving and Water Polo Association (SLSDWA), Mohamed Turay has released their calendar of activities for 2015.
Speaking to Mohamed Turay in an interview with this medium he said the association have so many activities to undertake this year, that is why they have outlined their plans very early to work in line with the Ministry of Sport, Sport Council and the National Olympic Committee-Sierra Leone.

read the full article @ Awoko

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Select few can enter challenge to swim all the lakes

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:19

THE STAGE is set for people looking to dive head first into the largest swimming challenge in the Lake District's history.

Ambleside-based swim company Head to the Hills have created the Great Lake District Swim Challenge which will see entrants swim up to 17 lakes across two weekends.

The event is split into the east and west lakes but for those attempting both challenges they will be swimming a combined distance of 16.1km when the event kicks off on August 7.

Read the full article @ The Westmoreland Gazette

local swim(s)Great Britain /UK

First U.S. Winter Swimming Championships To Be Held In Memphremagog

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 23:14

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the United States Winter Swimming Championships. They haven't actually happened yet. Newport is hosting the inaugural event next month, in Lake Memphremagog.

This isn't about just jumping though a hole in the ice for a charitable cause (although that will be happening too). We're talking 25-, 50- and 100-meter races in a two-lane pool cut out of the lake ice.

read the full article @ VPR


cold_water/winter swimmingAmericas

Wild winter swimmers addicted to the buzz and health benefits from plunging into icy lochs

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 22:52

SWIMMERS love the sense of adventure of braving the cold in just trunks or a costume and are feeling the benefits too.

A DIP in Scotland’s lochs is a chilly enough prospect in the summer – yet a growing number swim in winter too.

And many of these swimmers are turning their backs on wetsuits and plunging into icy waters wearing just trunks or a costume.

The hardy souls are convinced that there are numerous benefits to their regular open-water swims.

read the full article and see the pictures @ DailyRecord

cold_water/winter swimmingGreat Britain /UK

Madhu Nagaraja hopes to become 22nd person to swim across the Strait of Magellan

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 21:01

Madhu Nagaraja describes his upcoming attempt to swim across Chile’s Strait of Magellan to be by far the greatest challenge he’s ever faced.

When you’ve already successfully crossed Lake Ontario and the English Channel, and you’ve run more than 251 kilometres in five days in the Sahara Desert, that’s saying something.

Read the full article @ InsideHalton

cold_water/winter swimmingAmericas

Paddlers raising funds for Pendleside Hospice in Boundary Water Park

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 20:55

A TEAM of swimmers are set to splash out in aid of hospice care when they cover the distance of English Channel.

The Pendleside Paddlers, Chris Wallace, Paul Emmott, John Wri, Lauren Wilkinson, Jo Brown and Kristian Cavanagh are taking part in an event called Swim the English Channel Up North, which takes place on June 20 at Boundary Water Park in Cheshire.

Read the full article @ LT

cold_water/winter swimmingGreat Britain /UK

Algae-hit Strathclyde Loch set for swimming area

Openwaterswimming.eu - za, 24/01/2015 - 20:51

An open water swimming area is to be created in Strathclyde Park's man-made loch, after local officials announced measures to tackle toxic algae.

North Lanarkshire Council is to re-install temporary floating barriers which were used to keep the algae at bay during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Read the rest @ BBC news

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5# GaddinAbtGarnish, Ellen's Rock - Glengarriff, Ireland

Openwaterswimming.eu - wo, 21/01/2015 - 10:44
Date: Saturday, 20 June, 2015 - 15:30

2 km
5 km
2+5= 7km


Welcome to our
5th Annual GaddinAbtGarnish Swim

This swim around Garnish Island in Glengarriff, Co. Cork is one of the most stunning and safest
island circumnavigation swims in Ireland.

It is set in a beautiful post glacial landscape in the sheltered clear waters of the northeast corner of
Bantry Bay surrounded by the rugged mountains of the
Beara Peninsula and teaming with water wildlife.

We chose the word Gadd or Gaddin(g) to suggest a leisurely swim rather than a race, but we all know what swimmers do when they hit the water. :) Last year we had 172 swimmers in the water, but we can easily manage more. It's been describes as the nicest swim on the Irish OWS Calendar.
signed Ossi Schmidt

local swim(s)Ireland (+ N-I )

UAESF "understand" USA Swimming's boycott of open water race

Openwaterswimming.eu - di, 20/01/2015 - 11:50

"But we also have a duty to deliver races to help promote open water swimming - a discipline that is collapsing and needs more heroes and races to get back to its glory days.

Read the rest on: http://www.sportsmole.co.uk

Comment by Niek:

"a discipline that is collapsing"

What do they mean by that? We get more and more events every year all over the world.
There are also more FINA (14 in 2014 ->18 + UEA=19 in 2015) then in the past.

The reporter mist an opportunity here to question this lame excuse.



Georgia Alice Amison on why she has chosen Oceanman as one of her goals for 2015

Openwaterswimming.eu - ma, 19/01/2015 - 18:38

Young faces of the Oceanman series in 2015:

Inner determination and willpower are two words that describe best Georgia Amison, a 17 -year old professional swimmer from the UK set out to “get the gold” at the Oceanman European Final in Benidorm on October, 25th. In addition to keeping high performance in her studies at Loughborough College, Georgia’s list of sports goals for 2015 outstands for its variety and careful planning: with more than 9 races to go throughout the year, she will take part in the Oceanman competition in Altea (Spain) and Orta (Italy) to classify for the Benidorm Final.

Hard training and thorough preparation for competing in high level in open water swimming define not only Georgia’s future but also her track of multiple past records including 10km swim in Eaton Dornet (UK) with the top classification as the “First Place Junior”. Past achievements and her effort provide a solid basis for her ultimate target “to compete in the Fina World Marathon Circuit only being 17 years old (18 in April)”.

As every strong-willed professional swimmer, Georgia is aware of her soft spots as well. After racing in a really tough race last November, she realised that she needed more experience in high quality fields to learn to race better in packs and to increase her tactical awareness. After a conversation with Simon Griffiths, the chief editor of the only specialized open water magazine, Georgia learnt about his experience at the Cala Montgó Swim Festival 2014 edition and decided to jump on board for the Oceanman series:

“After a conversation with Simon Griffiths the editor of H2Open magazine about his swim at Cala Montgo, he explained how well it was organised and the quality of the swimmers which meant that when you announced the Oceanman Series,I instantly decided that this series was perfect to help me to reach my goals with a view to proving that I can be oneof the best Female Open Water Swimmers in Europe” Georgia Alice Amison.

Our team warmly welcomes Georgia on board as one of the participants of 2015 Oceanman experience featuring a great variety of challenges and competitions running throughout the whole year: Oceanman Altea in April, Oceanman Palamos in May, Oceanman Orta in Italy followed by Oceanman Cala Montgó and culminating in the Oceanman grand finale in Benidorm.

The registration to Oceanman Orta opens on January, 19. So stay tuned for all the updates and other inspirational stories from the Oceanman participants. Commitment, determination, focus and effort are the core values of our competitions and there can be no greater reward than to see our participants thrive and achieve!


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1# Trophy Ksamil Island, Ksamil, Albania

Openwaterswimming.eu - zo, 18/01/2015 - 13:05
Date: Saturday, 2 May, 2015 (All day)

Albania Open Water Swimming presents the 1°Trophy Ksamil Island with the objective to make you spend an unforgettable day always respecting nature and swimming safely in the crystal waters in the Ionian Sea ...
Their project has the prerogative to organize for the first time an International competition of open water swimming in Albania, and then to introduce an activity sports still little practiced in a country with landscapes.

The event aim to involve all competitive athletes who practice this sport with passion to challenge themselves and to feel free swimming in the sea without the limits imposed by the lane and out of the tub of a swimming pool.


local swim(s)Albania

Questions surround UAE race

Openwaterswimming.eu - wo, 14/01/2015 - 16:15

International swimming officials have added a 10-kilometer open water race in the United Arab Emirates to the 2015 calendar over strenuous objections from the United States, putting the event back in the hands of the national federation cited for inadequate safety practices in the 2010 drowning death of Fran Crippen.

FINA's Marathon World Cup series schedule now includes a race in Abu Dhabi on March 13, with the notation "tbc" -- to be confirmed. The race is contingent on the success of a test event to be held Feb. 22, using local swimmers on the same course. Under an agreement reached at the international governing body's meetings in Spain late last year, safety measures are to be evaluated by four members of its Technical Open Water Swimming Committee.

However, a scant eight weeks before the actual race is slated to take place, little to no information regarding the test event has been revealed by FINA or relayed to athletes and national federations, and the exact course location is still unclear. An email from ESPN.com last week requesting comment from multiple committee members yielded two polite responses but no specifics.

read the rest on: http://espn.go.com

comment Niek:
about the report Bonnie D. Ford is talking.
The report from the New Zealand University researchers is kept private by the FINA.
So we still don't know how they came to the conclusion of a max. water temp of 31 degrees Celsius. (87.800 Fahrenheit)

more: http://openwaterswimming.eu/node/3880 or http://openwaterswimming.eu/node/5042

FINA10K swimAfrika

Rob Konrad explains life-saving, 9-mile swim

Openwaterswimming.eu - di, 13/01/2015 - 21:41

- Boat was on autopilot, heading east toward Bahamas.
-"I shouldn't be here. Sixteen hours in water, think ended up traveling 27 miles."
- Got bit by whole bunch stuff, jellyfish. Circled by shark as sun went down. "There was a lot of stuff glowing at night."
- “Kind bittersweet, I hit the shore, the problem was I couldn’t walk.”



He wasn’t, he admits, wearing a life jacket.
As an experienced swimmer and boater, it’s an ending he knows could have been a lot different.



He was fishing offshore Boca Raton and landed in Palm Beach, which are 27 miles apart.

Among the interesting maps here: http://oceancurrents.rsmas.miami.edu/atlantic/florida_2.html is this one showing the trajectories of near-surface drifters in the Florida Current.
Estimating nine miles offshore would put one in a general area where a few of the trajectories would carry one both North and closer to shore simultaneously.
This map shows velocity.
If I did the math correctly 27 miles in 16 hours works out to 75 cm/sec which is just what this map shows in that area.



Useful tips to tackle long-distance open water swims

Openwaterswimming.eu - ma, 12/01/2015 - 20:59

Medium and long-distance swims are becoming truly a favourite sports challenge among the open water swimming enthusiasts thriving to accomplish their set goals and achievements by taking the plunge while experiencing the sense of freedom and excitement that comes with the awe-inspiring  natural beauty of coastal views and landscapes.

 To tackle this type of open water swims there is no need to perform at high pace. However, what comes in handy is the endurance ability enabling the swimmer to stand up for hours to a challenge which might reach 5000 strokes ( let’s say it’s the case of 6000m swim). And this stamina requires a training that goes beyond hours and hours of in-pool training sessions and accumulation of swum meters.

 Here comes our selection of pointers about swimming long distances.

 First step:

Careful season planification is the key: if you set out to participate in a championship with similiar characteristics to that of the OCEANMAN, it is convenient to account for the quantity of meters to be tackled in all of the courses so that the total volume of workload can be distributed harmoniously and adjusted as the competitions approach. This planification and workload distributuion ensures avoiding the excess of work volume leading to overload and fatigue swimming on the day of the competition as well as having quality recovery and/ or transition periods.

Assessing your stroke and swimming technique prior to the training: To carefully analyse the level of our technical efficiency is pivotal to avoid future joint injuries. The shoulders, elbows and spine ( cervical and lumbar) can suffer muscle overload, tendon, ligaments and even the wearing out of the joints- all the swimmers’ nightmares that can be avoided and minimized by adjusting the body and head position, the amplitude of the stroke and optimizing the recovery route. It is widely acknowledged as well that improvements on our technique entail major improvements on our stroke efficiency allowing us to swim the same distance with less strokes or even at a faster pace. It’s all about becoming more efficient!

Swimmer’s safety

While combining open water swims and swimming practices is highly recommendable, the swimmer should be aware that his/her safety is the top priority. Here are some of our all-time favourite safety tips for a truly enjoyable experience in the open water:

- Check out some sea weather conditions websites: Costas, Windfinder, etc.
- Leave a copy of your swim itinerary and duration to someone remaining on the coast. It can be your relative or accompanying person as well as a lifeguard.
- Never swim alone.
- Wear signaling buoy to be easily identified by a rescue boats, surfers, etc. Our favourites are ChillSwim buoys, –the official ones of the Oceanman championship–
- Swim in the areas delimited by coastal buoys thus avoiding entering the space reserved for the marine traffic.

Now it’s a good moment to start your planning on the open water challenges of 2015. Upcoming articles feature in-pool, open sea and land-based training tips – a perfect training combination to get ready for the day of all days!

This article is published with permission of Tere Fullana Lladó from Tfswim.

For more info about this article visit: http://oceanman-openwater.com/en/useful-tips-tackle-long-distance-open-water-swims/

For more info about OCEANMAN events: www.oceanman-openwater.com/en/

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2016 Olympic marathon swim qualifier returning to Setubal Portugal

Openwaterswimming.eu - wo, 07/01/2015 - 19:34

For the second straight Olympiad, the final entrants to the open water 10km race in Rio will be decided in Setubal, Portugal, FINA has confirmed to SwimSwam this week.

Though the dates haven’t yet been set, knowing the location will help some of the world’s best plan their contingencies in the event that they aren’t in the top 10 at the 2015 World Championships.

At a basic level, the top 10 swimmers in the 10km race at the World Championships in 2015 will automatically be eligible for the Olympics. Then, the FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier (the race in Setubal) will select at least 14 more men and 14 more women for the Olympics, plus a minimum of 1 each from both genders from the host country Brazil (though it’s likely that Brazil will already be handled in the above two finish orders).

read the rest on: http://swimswam.com/2016-olympic-marathon-swim-qualifier-returning-setubal-portugal/

or the Portuguese press release http://www.fpnatacao.pt/noticias/1418844829-setubal-ganha-corrida-pela-qualificacao-olimpica

Looking at the past:
FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier 2012 on the River Sado, Setúbal. Portugal were on 9-10 June 2012 with the Olympic OW events held 9 - 10 August.
In 2016 they want to do the OW events early in the games (5-21 August) before the pool swimming start. So I expect Setúbal around 5 June 2016.

In 2015 Sebutal is held on 27 June 2015 FINA OWS 10K - Setúbal, Portugal


Statistics website

Openwaterswimming.eu - wo, 31/12/2014 - 23:43

Site started 1 February 2008.
Statistics source: http://statcounter.com
We have listed over 8,980 events in the calendar so far.

~600 events Year   Page Views  Unique Visits  First Time Visits  Returning Visits               Total  2008   68,350 28,771 24,892 3,879 Average (day)     186 78 68 11 statistics first months lost somewhere. ~900 events             Total  2009   140,541 65,182 54,583 10,599 Average (day)     384 178 149 29 top of the scale on the chart went up from 800 to 1200
 ~970 events             Total  2010   150,961 67,522 56,51 11,012 Average (day)     412 184 154 30
 ~1400 events             Total  2011   188,559 99,247 86,147 13,1 Average (day)     515 271 235 36 top of the scale on the chart went up from 1200 to 2500
~1580 events             Total  2012   246,699 144,835 125,18 19,655 Average (day)     672 395 341 54 top of the scale on the chart went up from 2500 to 7000. The London Olympics created a huge peak.  :)
~1750 events             Total  2013   250,203 152,282 131,409 20,873 Average (day)     685 417 360 57 top of the scale on the chart went back to normal. With peaks in the summer and at the end of the year.
~1780 events Year   Page Views  Unique Visits  First Time Visits  Returning Visits               Total  2014   258,634 161,720 140,145 21,575 Average (day)     709 444 384 60 website upgrade from Drupal6 to 7 caused a week downtime at the beginning of November. :(




2014 WOWSA Award Nominees

Openwaterswimming.eu - ma, 29/12/2014 - 15:28

It's the time for awards again.

Here for the 2014 WOWSA Awards and you'll automatically get a link to vote for the 2014 Global Marathon Swimming Awards if your long enough a member on that site.


SwimSwam 2014 Honoree: Ferry Weertman

Openwaterswimming.eu - ma, 29/12/2014 - 15:21

With no Open Water World Championships this season the competition in the open water events was diversified amongst several high-level competitions with the main championship meets being the Pan Pacific Championships and the European Championships.

With swimmers competing at either or, picking just one athlete for the Male Open Water Swimmer of the Year was a difficult task. At the European Championships there were many viable options. The 5km, 10km, and 25km swims were all won by different athletes with only three athletes earning multiple medals at the competition.

The best results however went to Ferry Weertman of the Netherlands as he won both the standard open water event, the 10km, and helped his team win gold in the team event.

The 10km was a very tough race considering that there were many top level swimmers competing. In fact, the top three in the event were the three male swimmers who earned multiple medals at the competition.

Starting out the race, all three were in the lead pack however Weertman chose to stay a bit behind to conserve some energy. He did this for the first three laps until he turned on the jets and got right up with Thomas Lurz and Evgeny Drattsev near the front. Lurz, the German open water veteran, was quite possibly the favorite heading into the final bit of the race but it was Weertman who challenged him.

The two swimmers along with Drattsev raced hard towards the finish as Weertman was able to establish a small lead over Lurz. He managed to touch first in 1:49:56.20, just about three seconds ahead of Lurz. Lurz clocked in at 1:49:59 with Drattsev finishing just behind him in 1:50:00.6.

Not only was Weertman the only swimmer who won multiple medals that included a gold, but he did so in one of the most competitive races of the competition. In the 5km race, Daniel Fogg pulled away from the field and in the 25km race it was between just Axel Reymond and Drattsev towards the end. Weertman had to contend with multiple top-level swimmers including the defending world champion from 2013, Spyridon Gianniotis who finished eighth.

In the team event he paired up with Sharon Van Rouwendaal who had an incredible season along with Marcel Schouten to take home the gold and finish almost 20 seconds ahead of the second place team, Greece.

Considering that Weetman was the only swimmer to win multiple medals which included a gold, and two at that, it was fitting that he be named the 2014 Swammy Award recipient for the Open Water Swimmer of the Year.

lees de rest op: http://swimswam.com/2014-swammy-awards-male-open-water-swimmer-year-ferry-weertman/


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[Nieuwsbrief] Nieuwsbrief 2014-1

Channel Challenge - za, 27/12/2014 - 16:10

Beste geregistreerde bezoeker,

In een recent (of iets minder recent) verleden hebben we met elkaar contact gehad naar aanleiding van een bijzondere duursport uitdaging. Dat kan het IJsselmeer, de Straat van Gibraltar of Het Kanaal geweest zijn. Soms ging het om een estafette, soms om een solo-oversteek. Ook coaches en andere belangstellenden (bijvoorbeeld sponsoren) ontvangen dit bericht. Het kan ook zijn, dat je betrokken bent geweest als schipper/loods of als waarnemer.

Ik heb daarbij vaak verwezen naar mijn blog. Deze blog is kort geleden verhuisd naar een eigen webadres en heeft een vernieuwd uiterlijk gekregen: www.channelchallenge.nl. Er is ook een bijbehorende facebookpagina om je op de hoogte te houden. Het is dan handig om deze pagina (https://www.facebook.com/kanaaluitdaging) te volgen.

Nieuwe plannen om het Kanaal, de Straat van Gibraltar of het IJsselmeer over te zwemmen stromen binnen. Zo is er een plan om een estafette vormen van zwemmers, die samen 60+ gemiddeld zijn.  Ook zijn er serieuze plannen voor een schoolslag-estafette op het Kanaal. Bij Dutch Ladies First! gingen de eerste geruchten het inmiddels verbeterde wereldrecord terug te pakken. Misschien ook een tweede team uit Wassenaar. En…. Wie weet?

lees verder