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race report: Oceanman Palamós - di, 26/05/2015 - 15:15

Héctor Ruiz gets the sprint finish at the Oceanman Palamós followed by Pau Gil and Federico Tamborrino

The female category features Núria Ciuró as the top finisher, Jimena Pérez and Lucrezia Casu from Italy in the second and third positions respectively.

The second round of open water swim championship took place last Sunday in Palamós, gathering more than 550 swimmers from 17 different nationalities.

The current Spanish champion in the discipline of open water swimming, Hector Ruiz, wins in a sprint finish 9.5km Oceanman, followed closely by Pol Gil from swim club Vallirana and Italian swimmer Federico Tamborrino. Héctor raced down in 1:48. In female category, the fastest was Núria Ciuró completing the swim in 2:1, followed by  Jimena Pérez from Madrid and Lucrezia Casu from Italy. 139 other amateur swimmers made it to the finish despite the added challenge  caused by strong north wind "tramontana".

At midday swimmers hit the water ready for a deep start of 4.5. km HALF-OCEANMAN race. Evgeny Nikitin from Russia made it to the finish in 1:7, leaving Nick Parkes (UK) and Adría Sanz (Catalonia, Spain) in the second and third positions. In female category, the top finisher is Irati Mendia from the Basque Country, followed by Patricia Lledó from Catalonia and Teresa Fullana from Mallorca.

The event rounded up with a 2 km POPULAR non-competitive race with more than 150 participants. With a start at the Castell beach and finish at la Fosca , the swim attracted the attention of hundreds of passers-by watching the finish live.

Next stop of the Oceanman swim circuit is Italy, where  the alpine Lake of Orta will play host to the next event of the franchise on June 20.  Variety of competing distances (14km, and 1.3 km), combined with the breath-taking surroundings, give its impressive pulling power among international swimmers.

More information on our web:

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race report: 2# Marnaton eDreams, Barcelona - za, 23/05/2015 - 15:29

Some 1,000 swimmers come together at the II Marnaton eDreams Barcelona to inaugurate the open water season.

The competition, promoted by the Club Natació Barcelona and MARNATON eDreams, comprises an individual female challenge (2km), an individual male challenge (2km), a relay challenge (8x500m) and a KIDS challenge.
The II MARNATON eDreams Barcelona is the first of four open sea swimming challenges that form the MARNATON eDreams Cup.

This Saturday 9th of May the II MARNATON eDreams Barcelona took place; this was the first challenge on the calendar of open-sea events of the VI MARNATON eDreams Cup. Now in its second year, the number of people entering is higher than last year, reaching over 1,000 entries over the different challenges, a fact that shows the growing popularity of open water swimming.

The marnatonians have enjoyed a great start to the open water season. A perfect day and a calm sea attended the swimmers in the 2km swim along the Playa de Sant Sebastià with impressive views of the Barcelona skyline.


The individual female challenge fired the starting gun for the day. At 9:30 the swimmers entered the water to complete the 2km circuit and return to the Playa de Sant Sebastià. The first swimmer to cross the line was Esther Nuñez (00:24:44) world champion of the Fina Grand Prix in 2007 y 2012 and winner of the III MARNATON eDreams Cup, the second person to finish was Minerva Pujol (00:27:09) y in third place was Elisenda Llorens (00:27:51).


The individual male challenge had two starts, the first for expert and advanced swimmers and the second for ordinary swimmers. First place was hotly contended between a group of three swimmers, all outstanding right from the start. The winner was Jordi Bosch, swimmer from the Club Natació Sant Andreu (00.23.32), followed closely by Rafa Cabanillas, a trainer for the MARNATON courses and winner of the II MARNATON eDreams Cup (00:23:36) and Damián Blaum, world champion of the Fina Grand Prix in 2013 and winner of the III MARNATON eDreams Cup (00:23:45).

When the male challenge finished it was the turn of the youngsters. New for this year, the MARNATON Kids challenge also took place in Barcelona. More than 60 children enjoyed the sea, swimming different distances depending on their age. A challenge with a great atmosphere and which, most importantly, aims to popularize swimming among youngsters.


The relay challenge was a fitting conclusion to the day. 49 teams in 4 categories (female teams, male teams, mixed teams and teams "without wetsuits") faced the challenge of completing 8 laps (2 laps for each swimmer) of a 500m circuit. The challenge was contested in a festive atmosphere, among nerves, laughter and cheers from the public who were watching the competition from the beach. The first team to finish was the MARNATON team (Rafa Cabanillas, Marc Martínez, Christian Puentes and Alberto Juidías) (1:02:12), the second was the “48 braçades” team (Miquel Sunyer, Sergi Roura, Gerard Alemany and Alex Amoros) and in third place “Els Xunguets” (Sabina Martínez, Mario Guillen, Minerva Pujol and Joan Francesc Morcillo) (1:06:21).


The wind made an appearance during the male challenge, a fact which made it difficult for the swimmers returning to the Playa de Sant Sebastiá. Even so, very few participants dropped out of the swim. The boats, jet skis and kayaks were on watch during the whole challenge to ensure the safety of the participants.


MARNATON came into being with the aim of popularizing open water swimming and we have organized MARNATON eDreams Barcelona for another year with precisely this aim. A challenge that, because of its character, a distance of 2,000m and the closeness to the beach, make it extremely suitable for those who are new to open water swimming.

Individual female challenge results (2km)

Individual male challenge results (2km)

Relay Results

MARNATON 2015 challenges

The next stop on the swimming circuit of the IV MARNATON eDreams Cup will be on 7th of June in Begur, where the III MARNATON eDreams Begur will take place with two distances of 7km and 3.5 km and the introduction of a KIDS challenge. On 27th of June the IV MARNATON eDreams Sant Feliu de Guíxols will take place, which has a new 1.5km swim from Port Salvi to the Playa de Sant Feliu de Guíxols. The 6km swim and the MARNATON Kids challenge will also take place. As a final touch, the legendary MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués will take place, which on 19th of September will celebrate its eighth year with the traditional 6.5km swim from Cap de Creus – Cadaqués and a 2km swim from Caials to the Playa de Cadaqués. There will also be a MARNATON Kids giving the children a chance to show what they are capable of.


About Marnaton

Marnaton ( is a company which specialises in organising open water swimming events. Since 2008, its objective has been to promote long distance swimming, with a special focus on safety, the environment and creating a family atmosphere, as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle and respect for the environment. Swimmers from home and abroad have already swum with MARNATON in some of the six editions of the legendary Cap de Creus - Cadaqués (6.5 Kilometres).

About eDreams – Main sponsor

eDreams is the leading online travel agency in Europe. The company provides its services in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Chile, India, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Switzerland, Turkey, U.S.A., Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Greece, the Netherlands, Russia and the global market in the English language. eDreams has recorded one of the highest rates of growth in the online travel market in Europe. The company has a wide selection of flights, hotels, flights + hotels and other products, and they are available for its customers through booking engines which incorporate the latest price and search technologies.


Oceanman Palamos registers over 450 participants - do, 14/05/2015 - 16:39

18 different nationalities represented at the top international event on the Costa Brava

Next May 24, Palamós is getting ready to host the second competition of the Oceanman swim series. 9 days before the end of the registrations, the organizers estimate to reach the top limit of 500 participants for its second running. The highlight of this edition is the participation of such star swimmers as national Spanish open water champion Héctor Ruiz and the current subchampion of the discipline Adrían González. Rafa Cabanillas, who hit the world record at 1500 in Master’s category, will also make his appearance in Palamós. ELITE category features two outstanding Italian swimmers, Nicola Baldella and Lucrezia Casu.

Excellent news for foodies as well! This year’s gastronomic novelty includes tapas welcome cocktail by the local association of tavernas of Palamós. The cocktail is taking place at the Fosca Beach, prior to the technical briefing at 18.00, May, 23.

We remind you that briefing is essential for getting all the necessary details on technicalities and practicalities of the race.

For more info and last-minute registrations:

local swim(s)Spain

race report 1# Iguana Open Water Swim, Porto Mari Beach, Curaçao - zo, 10/05/2015 - 20:34

Since 2010 Curacao is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s located in the Southern part of the Caribbean in between the islands Aruba and Bonaire. Although the location is perfectly for Open Water swimming until recently there wasn’t much more than an annual “Swim for the Roses” charity swim organized.

On Saturday the 9th of May the ‘Federation Aquatiko Korsou’(FAK) organized an official international 5K in the Bay of Porto Marie. Although the weather has been rough all week, with wind forces up to 30kts, the bay provided enough shelter to continue the race. A 1K racetrack was setup .

waiting to start

In total there were 15 competitors competing, mainly locals from Curacao and one guest form Trinidad & Tobago. The winner in the age group 14-17 and overall fastest, was Carolus Josefina. He completed the 5K in 1 hour 2 min and 51 sec. He was followed by Raïm Michiel and Jordan de Windt in respectively 1:03:36 and 1:05:52 all in the age group 14-17.

the leaders during the 5 km


the (overall) winner Carolus Josefina waiting for nr 2 Alleen Mohammed

In the group male 18+, the swimmer from Trinidad & Tobago, Alleem Mohammed, won the gold in a time of 1 hour 2 min and 58 sec. Behind him were Jursil Cirino and Erwin Ruijsink in respectively 1:11:22 and 1:11:27.There were only two woman participating in the race. A young talent from Curacao, Bo-Anne Bos was the fastest in a time of 1:09:42. In the ladies 18+ category Petra Vermeer completed the track in 1:18:50.

Next to the 5K race, the FAK also organized a ‘Fun Race’ of approximate 1K which was open for everyone with the age of 8 years and older. The main goal of this race was off course ‘Fun’ but also to introduce the sport of Open Water swimming to a broader audience.

The Iguana Open Water swim was a nice ‘First-off’ event with the intention to host more competitors from different islands in the region in the future.The ambition is to host a ‘Olympic distance’ 10K in the future which will definitely draw the attention in the region. 

local swim(s)AmericasNetherlands

4# Trofeo Naviglio Grande, Abbiategrasso -> Milan, Italy - vr, 08/05/2015 - 01:01
Date: Saturday, 12 September, 2015 - 10:00

Luogo e Data:

Abbiategrasso - Gaggiano – Milano, Sabato 12 Settembre 2015

Gare e Distanze

21 Km Abbiategrasso – Milano/Darsena (A favore di corrente)
14 Km Gaggiano – Milano/Darsena (A favore di corrente)
2,750 Km. Milano (Canottieri Olona) – Milano/Darsena (A favore corrente)

Ritiro Pacco Gara

Sabato 12 Settembre, dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 13:00, Castelletto di Abbiategrasso (MI) presso Palazzo Stampa


Palazzo Stampa Abbiategrasso ore 13:30 per tutte le distanze.


21 Km, Abbiategrasso/Castelletto presso Palazzo Stampa. Ore 15:00 PARTENZA!!
14 Km, Gaggiano/fronte Comune. Ore 16:00 PARTENZA!!
2,750 Km. Milano/Canottieri Olona – Ore 17:00 PARTENZA!!

Premiazioni e Ristoro

Premiazioni: dopo l'arrivo dell'ultimo concorrente.
Saranno premiati i primi 3 Atleti Classificati Assoluti Maschi e Femmine per distanza e verranno inoltre premiati l'atleta più anziano e il più giovane.
Ogni partecipante riceverà l'attestato di partecipazione e una medaglia di ricordo.
Al termine seguirà un Ristoro per tutti gli Atleti.


Sarà consentita l'iscrizione ad un massimo di 100 PARTECIPANTI.
Potranno partecipare Atleti Master, Agonisti, Triathleti ed Amatori in regola con la certificazione medica agonistica per l'anno sportivo in corso e gli atleti regolarmente tesserati con gli E.P.S. per la stagione 2015.

Tassa e Termine Iscrizione

Sarà possibile effettuare una Pre-Iscrizione a partire dal 28 febbraio, che dovrà essere perfezionata entro le date sottostanti:
- Euro 75,00 dal 28 febbraio al 30 aprile.
- Euro 90,00 dal 1 maggio al 12 Luglio, termine ultimo per l'iscrizione.
L'iscrizione dovrà pervenire mediante la compilazione del form "Iscrizioni2015" sul sito e sarà ritenuta valida solo ad avvenuta esecuzione del bonifico da effettuare a favore di Terre dei Navigli (ente organizzatore della manifestazione), IBAN: IT82 K032 9601 6010 0006 7017 410, specificando come causale: "Codice iscrizione: IDENTIFICATIVO FORNITO". Tale codice viene fornito al momento della richiesta di iscrizione.




We will invite you for our  swimming race, unique meeting in close water, on the Naviglio Grande, from Abbiategrasso (Milan) Italy to embankment  in Milan.

Start grid on Saturday September 12 2015 at 10,00 AM. The track is approximately 21 Km in a nice frame of the south west of Lombardia.

Best regards.

Chief organization

Antonio Monteduro

Maraton swimlocal swim(s)Italy

Michael Oram on the purpose of assessment swims

Channel Challenge - di, 05/05/2015 - 01:30

The assessment swims are there to help the swimmer understand themselves and what sort of conditions and extremes they will have to contend with on their Channel swim. The idea was to give you a introduction to what you have taken on - and doing them in a pool was not in the committee members minds when we put them into practice. They are there as part of the risk assessment and Duty of Care and are the minimal sessions you should be doing:- and you should be doing a lot of them - not 1 to comply with the guidelines.

Personally - as a pilot and a swimmer - I think:-

  • That doing the assessment swims now is to early in the season.
  • Doing them in a swimming pool is not in the spirit of Channel Swimming and will not achieve much in the way of experience.
  • That looking at doing "ONE" assessment swim early to - get it out of the way - is a waste of time.
  • Relay swimmers should be doing 2 hours plus swims at least once a week.
  • Solo swimmers should be building up to regular 6 hour swims and include some much longer. (6 hours does not even get you to the "out of fuel" point that you will definitely experience on your swim).

There is actually only one way to train for a Channel swim & that is to swim it. ----- We all know that this is not a training possibility or prospect but you can at least get out in "real open water" (or even Dover Harbour) and try and do your best to understand what you are taking on.

They say - No Pain No Gain - for a reason. If you don't get the training right the only person you are misleading and confusing is yourself . To get the training in the correct perspective you need to sort out the right approach for you (that's suits that suits you as an individual). It can be pool work - Total Body Confusion training (TBC) - it can be in cold water (10°C plus is a good guideline to keep the injuries to a minimum) - or the warmer pool water that "normal" people like. Along with the water conditions is the training of your body to take the cold. Cut back on what you wear, turn the heating down (if you are allowed to), take cold showers before your swims as well as after and when you are at home. Don't over do it but make yourself aware that you are doing something. The swim is a big mental challange as well as a physical one.

Do your assessment swims properly in open water with waves - swim in the Lido and anywhere else you can fit in too do training time but make you long swims mean something - push your limits - do them as often as you can.

Jumping through the hoops that you think allows you to comply on a "minimal basis" is a sure way of being disappointed when your team or you, as a solo swimmer, don't make it to France on the big day.

I have sat in the driving seat drinking coffee and eating bacon sandwiches while escorting swimmers and teams (well over 700 of them now) for the past 34 years and I can confidently say success has to be earnt, it's hard but it's worth it. I can also say the achievement is life changing and something worth working for.

Splash around in the pools (indoors or out) and encourage yourselves but using them for the assessment swim? That's just time wasting waffle and Bullshit. Your assessment swim should be something you can be proud of - add the distance to the time it will give you an idea of how you are improving - and some indication as to how long you swim will take.

Michael O

training (zwembad en open water)

30# Travessia badia de Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain - ma, 04/05/2015 - 02:01
Date: Sunday, 19 July, 2015 - 10:00

Ja tenim aquí una nova edició, la 30a!!! ja de la nostra Travessia. El format serà igual que en l’anterior edició amb dos recorreguts:

1.200m pels més experts amb premis per als primers de la general i per 1r, 2n i 3r de 8 categories, tant en categoria masculina com femenina.

450m  popular i pels més petits amb premis per als primers de la general, al més petit i al més gran, també en categoria femenina i masculina.

•Reglament de la Travessia 2015


•Inscripció individual

•Inscripció per a grups

•Inscripció per a nedadors del C.N. Lloret

Us recordem que l’entrega de dorsals serà a la zona d’arribada !!!

Com sempre hi haurà obsequi, beguda i esmorzar per a tots els participants.

Pels que veniu en bici disposarem d’un espai vigilat.

local swim(s)Spain

Training voor de Swim to Fight Cancer in zwembad de Houtvaart

Channel Challenge - vr, 01/05/2015 - 01:01
Date: zaterdag, 30 mei, 2015 - 17:00 tot 20:00

Op zaterdag 30 mei is het mogelijk om in De Houtvaart tussen 17.00 uur en 20.00 uur zwemtrainingen te volgen voor de eerste Haarlem City Swim. Gediplomeerde zwemtrainers staan aan de badrand om je zo goed mogelijk te begeleiden en u te voorzien van technische en tactische tips van en over het zwemmen in openwater.

De Swim to Fight Cancer (StFC), dat is de naam van het evenement, is gepland op zondag 30 augustus. Daarmee is ook meteen duidelijk wat het goede doel is van deze unieke zwemtocht door het Spaarne en/of de Haarlemse grachten en singels. De eerste StFC was vorig jaar in Den Bosch. Voor een indruk hiervan en nadere informatie. Zie:

Deelnemers aan de Haarlemse editie kunnen kiezen uit afstanden over ongeveer 5 kilometer (individueel) of ongeveer 2 kilometer (individueel of in estafetteverband). Om goed voorbereid te water te gaan zijn een aantal trainingssessie in zwembad De Houtvaart belegd. Na de eerste keer (zaterdag 30 mei) volgen – naar behoefte – nog twee of drie sessies.

Op zaterdag 30 mei zijn er een aantal startmomenten. Afhankelijk van de afstand waarop ingeschreven is. Deze zijn:

  • 2 kilometer:       17.00 uur, 18.00 uur, 19.00 uur (inschrijfgeld 2 euro)
  • 5 kilometer:       17.00 uur, 18.30 uur (inschrijfgeld 5 euro)
  • 10 kilometer:     17.00 uur (inschrijfgeld 10 euro. Als de afstand volbracht is 3 euro retour)

Er is een maximum aantal deelnemers per sessie. Je kan je voorkeur opgeven bij aanmelding.

Geef je op bij Marcel Tabbers (

Voor andere informatie: 06 24711596

training (zwembad en open water)

Metakids 12 uurs marathon-estafette

Channel Challenge - di, 07/04/2015 - 12:50

2015-04-06 - Uit Channel Challenge Nieuwsbrief 2 - Op 30 mei staat voor het eerst een 12 uurs marathon wedstrijd gepland voor teams van maximaal 8 zwemmers. De locatie is Zwembad de Kulk in Vlaardingen. Meer informatie op onderstaande poster. Het belooft een leuk evenement te worden waarbij de opbrengst voor MetaKids bestemd is.

Meld je nu aan voor de Zwemmarathon op 30 mei!

Graag willen we jou en je team/collega’s/vrienden uitnodigen voor de ONE80 Zwemmarathon op zaterdag 30 mei in De Kulk! Je kunt met jouw team zwemmen van 12:00 uur tot 24:00 uur.

We zwemmen voor Metakids. Een Stichting die geld inzamelt voor onderzoek naar stofwisselingsziekten bij kinderen. Veel van deze kinderen worden niet ouder dan 18 jaar.

Het zou daarom leuk zijn als je jouw zwemtocht laat sponsoren zodat we zoveel mogelijk geld in kunnen zamelen.

Het team met de meeste banen ontvangt natuurlijk een leuke prijs.

Kijk voor meer informatie en om je aan te melden op de site:

Team One80/MetaKids

100x100 training in Huizen

Channel Challenge - di, 07/04/2015 - 12:49

2015-04-06 - Uit Channel Challenge Nieuwsbrief 2 - De 100x100 is een mooie gelegenheid om met onze teams bij elkaar te komen en met elkaar de training te beleven. Huizen is een mooie accommodatie die centraal in het land ligt.


Op zondag 26 april organiseert zwembad Sijsjesberg  een bijzondere prestatietocht voor de echte zwemmers: de 100 x 100 meter. 100 keer 2 baantjes borstcrawl zwemmen. Je zwemt dus in totaal 10km.

Het diepe bad is voor deze gelegenheid van 09.00 – 13.00 uur alleen toegankelijk voor deelnemers aan deze beproeving. Het diepe bad is gedurende deze tijd niet te gebruiken voor vrijzwemmen. Vind je 100 x 100 meter wat te veel dan kun je 50 x 100 meter proberen.

Hoe gaat het in z’n werk?

Het diepe bad is door zwemlijnen verdeeld in banen. Ieder baan heeft zijn eigen start frequentie. Er zijn banen met de volgende startfrequenties voor iedere 100 meter: 1’30” (= 1 minuut en 30 seconden), 1’40”, 1’50” en 2’00”. Dit betekent dat er iedere 1’30”, 1’40”, 1’50” en 2’00 voor die baan een startsignaal wordt gegeven, waarop de zwemmers in die baan moeten starten voor de volgende 100 meter. Om te zorgen dat de deelnemers met vergelijkbare snelheden bij elkaar in een baan liggen is het nodig te weten om de hoeveel tijd je zou kunnen starten met een 100 meter. Voorbeeld: je zwemt 1 minuut en 20 seconden over 100 meter en bent ingedeeld in een baan van 1’30 “. Na het zwemmen van een 100 meter heb je bij aankomst 10 seconden rust voordat je een teken krijgt voor de volgende 100 meter.

De tocht start om 09.00 uur en de deelnemers hebben tot 13.00 uur de tijd om de gevraagde afstand af te leggen. Deelnemers worden een half uur voor het startsignaal verwacht in het zwembad aanwezig te zijn. 

Aanmelden en kosten

Deelname aan deze prestatietocht kan via het sturen van een e-mail aan Vermeld je naam, adres, je starttijd en of je aan de 100x100 of de 50x100 meter wilt meedoen. Het aantal deelnemers is beperkt dus schrijf op tijd in. De kosten voor deelname bedragen € 10,- en kunnen op de dag zelf aan de kassa van het zwembad worden voldaan.


Wil je meer informatie over dit evenement stuur dan een e-mail naar

Kom meetrainen op de speciale Kanaalzwemtraining in De Waterdam

Channel Challenge - di, 07/04/2015 - 12:48
Het open water zwemseizoen komt er aan!

2015-04-06 - Uit Channel Challenge Nieuwsbrief 2 - Het zonnetje komt steeds vaker tevoorschijn. Het effect op de watertemperatuur van het openluchtbad Zwembad Waterdam is heel gunstig. De gestage stijging van de watertemperatuur is ingezet, dus tijd voor nieuwe activiteiten.

Ben jij (adspirant) kanaalzwemmer of wil je al vroeg in het seizoen jezelf testen door 2, 3, 4, 5 of zelfs 6 uur te zwemmen (kanaal kwalificatie eis) wees er dan bij! We hebben deze dag op verschillende manieren info beschikbaar, zoals o.a.:

  • Filmpjes met beelden van specifieke evenementen/ onderwerpen
  • gesprekken met ervaring deskundigen
  • antwoorden op coaching vragen
  • info over voeding

Marcel van der Togt, Marcel Stroet en ondergetekende verzorgen samen een speciale Kanaalzwemmers-infodag en -training. De Solozwemmers krijgen veel informatie over kanaalvoorbereiding van Marcel. Ik zal aanwezig zijn voor mensen die meer willen weten over Estafettezwemmen op Het Kanaal en het IJsselmeer. Ik zal iets vertellen over de historie van het kanaalzwemmen. De voorbereiding van een estafetteteam op een dergelijke oversteek is anders dan voor een solo oversteek. Ik presenteer mijn stappenplan naar Het Kanaal voor estafettes.

Er is ruimte om de eerste poging te doen voor de kanaalkwalificatie van 2 (estafette) of 6 (solo) uur.
We starten om 10.00 uur.
Adres De Waterdam: Harlingenlaan 25, 1131 JP Volendam

Investeer € 10,– in jezelf en ervaar een leerzame dag. Vooral geschikt voor zwemmers die op zoek zijn naar nieuwe informatie of zichzelf vroeg in het seizoen willen testen.Meer info: