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Would You Swim In The Chicago River? Long-Distance Swim Proposed - za, 25/02/2017 - 14:14

CHICAGO — A long-distance swimming event in the Chicago River has been proposed by a veteran outdoor swimmer.

Don Macdonald, who has guided swims around Manhattan Island and also participated in several urban swimming events, would like to swim from Ping Tom Park in Chinatown to the Main Stem of the Chicago River Downtown sometime this year.

"In general we have proposed restarting the 1908 Illinois Athletic Club marathon river swim and began these discussions with the city and other regulating bodies," Macdonald wrote in an email.

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European swimmers come to Coney Island for US Winter Swimming National Championships - za, 25/02/2017 - 14:09

Competitive swimmers who participate in swim meets throughout Europe and the U.S. made a pact to reunite for a polar plunge in Coney Island on Saturday.  Some swimmers traveled from as far away as Czechoslovakia and Turkey to participate in the swim meet. Coney Island was a dream destination for many of the swimmers, who always hoped to reunite and compete here.

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Olympic swimmer Jarrod Poort takes out solo in the Rottnest Channel Swim, but fails to break record - za, 25/02/2017 - 14:03

Near-perfect conditions were not enough to break the record for the fastest solo swim for the annual Perth to Rottnest Island Channel Swim.

Jarrod Poort won the solo category with a time of four hours and 12 minutes, well shy of the record set in 2000 of four hours and 15 seconds.

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2017 Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim: Olympian Jarrod Poort wins solo category, but no records broken - za, 25/02/2017 - 14:02

TWO-TIME Olympian Jarrod Poort has beaten the field to take out the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim.

STRONG currents and choppy water prevented elite swimmers from breaking any records for the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim.

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Zwemmend aandacht vragen voor LUMC-onderzoek naar CADASIL

Channel Challenge - za, 25/02/2017 - 13:46

LEIDEN - Arts in opleiding Annabelle Slingerland gaat in april geld bij elkaar zwemmen voor een onderzoek van het LUMC in Leiden naar de ziekte CADASIL. En dat is niet zomaar even baantjes trekken. Nee, de openwaterzwemster gaat ruim zeven kilometer overbruggen, van het Robbeneiland naar het vaste land van Zuid-Afrika.

Om aandacht te vragen voor het goede doel nam zij vrijdagmiddag bij Katwijk alvast een frisse duik voor een promotiefilm. Want veel is er nog onduidelijk over de ziekte CADASIL. De erfelijke ziekte wordt veroorzaakt door een erfelijke code in het DNA.

lees het complete artikel en bekijk de video @ RTV-West

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Channel and Ice Swimmer Nuala Moore - za, 25/02/2017 - 01:16

The Ice Swimmer: an Irish journey through the best of both worlds.

As part of a short series sponsored by Audi we meet Nuala Moore, an Irish ice sea swimmer from Dingle in County Kerry and hear what pushes her to extremes.

A lovely video on Ice Swimming @ Audi (an award winning commercial)

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Swimming at 60 - za, 25/02/2017 - 01:10

'It's freedom, joy, pleasure’ - how wild sea swimming in her 60s re-invigorated one woman's life.

See the excellent video @ The Guardian

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GSS Pacific Championships Headline Huge Weekend - do, 23/02/2017 - 01:04

The month of February has been a busy one for the Global Swim Series. The past 2 weekends have seen some busy back to back action that was highlighted by 2 huge races in South Africa. The Midmar Mile and the Sanlam Cape Mile brought out some of the world’s best elite swimmers and over 16,000 swimmers between the two races. Not to get overshadowed, the North Bondi Beach Classic had another great year bringing out over 1500 people to one of the best beaches in the world.  Which brings us to the GSS Pacific Championships…

With all the action so far in February it seems fitting to cap of the month with another big weekend with 5 races in 3 different countries, including another GSS Championship Event! Stayed tuned for coverage of the events and make sure you make it out to one of these great races!

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Special Olympics Swimmer! Swim Fort Lauderdale competitors hit the beach for inaugural race - do, 23/02/2017 - 01:00

Ocean swimming is one of the fastest-growing extreme fitness sports in South Florida. That popularity was on display along Fort Lauderdale's beach during the inaugural Swim Fort Lauderdale race.

About 200 swimmers of all ages and abilities tested their skills in the 1-mile challenge, which started at Fort Lauderdale's South Beach and finished on the shore at Sebastian Street.

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First Person to Swim from Cuba to USA Selected to the Hall of Fame - do, 23/02/2017 - 00:50

Press release:

FORT LAUDERDALE – The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) today announced that Long Distance swimmer Walter Poenisch, of Grove City, Ohio will be one of seventeen (17) honorees to enter the International Swimming Hall of Fame as the Class of 2017. Walter’s is the third name to be announced for ceremonies to be held August 25-27, in Fort Lauderdale. Previously, the names of Wu Chuanyu and Zhang Xiunel were announced.

“Lost in time and in the avalanche of publicity surrounding attempts by others to swim from Cuba to the USA over the past 40 years is the remarkable story of Walter Poenisch and his ‘Swim for Peace.’” says Bruce Wigo, ISHOF’s President and CEO. “Walter will enter the ISHOF as a “Pioneer” and I want to commend the selection committee and it’s Chairman, Camillo Cametti, of Verona, Italy, for recognizing Walter, who was one of the first to use his swimming talents to promote a greater cause.” The Pioneer category was created to honor great achievements that have been overlooked by the fog of time or special circumstances that interfered with their careers, such as accidents, war or politics.

Born on July 11, 1913, Walter Poenisch was a baker, rodeo competitor, strongman and swimmer, who entered his first competitive swim in 1963, to show that a 50 year old man could be as active as young fellows. It was the 60-mile Jim Moran professional marathon swim in Lake Michigan. Walter failed to finish but was hooked on the sport and was determined to swim even greater distances. Troubled by the Cuban Missile Crisis that brought the world to brink of nuclear catastrophe, he conceived of the idea of swimming the 90 miles from Cuba to the USA for world peace. “To further better relations between my country and Cuba,’ he said. As the USA had no formal relations with Cuba, Walter started a letter writing campaign to governments that had contact with Havana. With optimism and confidence in his cause, Walter immediately began serious training. But the required permissions were not forthcoming. For years he continued to write letters, make calls and worked with Rene Mujica of the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, DC. All the while, he continued to train, setting up training camps in Fort Lauderdale and keeping his dream alive in the media with stunts like towing boats filled with passengers and setting long-distance records in the Florida Straits. In 1976 he swam — certifiably into the Guinness Book of World Records — 122 1/2 miles from Key West to the tip of the Florida peninsula, at the time the world’s longest ocean swim. In 1976, he received permission from the Cuban government to apply for a visa, which was finally granted in March of 1978. The swim was planned to begin on July 11th, 1978, a date coinciding with Walter’s 65th birthday. On hand to personally celebrate Walter’s birthday and wish him success on his “Swim for Peace” was Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Before entering the water, Castro proposed a toast honoring Walter’s efforts and his dream of peace between their two nations. Walter was the first person to attempt to swim from Cuba to the USA for sport and rules were drawn up by an authenticating organization, The International Federation of Ocean Swimmers and Divers. These rules, announced before the swim, permitted him to use a shark cage, fins to protect his feet from the cage, and a snorkel. He was also permitted to get out of the water up to four times for a period of no longer than five minutes to administer emergency medicine treatment, receive critical nourishment or for any reason that directly threatened the life of the swimmer. Walter followed these rules to the tee and thirty-four hours after leaving Cuba, Walter completed his dream, culminating on the shores of Little Duck Key, Florida. According to legendary sports reporter and author David Heeren, who covered Walter’s swim for the Fort Lauderdale News, “His (Walter’s) accomplishment was greater, in my opinion, than the climb of Everest. There have been many Everest climbers, but only one (legitimate) Cuba to U.S.A. swimmer.”

Walter Poenisch passed away on June 6, 2000, never having received the recognition due him for inspiring generations of swimmers and others with his persistence, perseverance and courage. He is survived by his wife, Faye, who will accept his honor on his behalf.


The International Hall of Fame, established in 1965, is a not-for-profit educational organization located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Its mission is to promote the benefits and importance of swimming as a key to fitness, good health, quality of life, and the water safety of all adults and children. It accomplishes this through operation of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, a dynamic shrine dedicated to preserving the history, memory, and recognition of the famous swimmers, divers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers and people involved in life saving activities and education whose lives and accomplishments inspire, educate, and provide role models for people around the world. For more information contact Bruce Wigo at 954-462-6536 ext. 201, or by email


Solo door Het Kanaal

Channel Challenge - do, 23/02/2017 - 00:45

Lees het origneel en bekijk de foto van een andere zwemmer... @ ExecutivePeople

Naast mijn werk als Enterprise Architect is Marathonzwemmen mijn andere passie. Ondanks de vele verschillen tussen deze passies zijn er natuurlijk ook overeenkomsten. De voornaamste overeenkomst zit in de structuur van een goede voorbereiding. In deze blog wil ik graag meer vertellen over de overeenkomsten tussen een IT-landschapssimplificatie, en het solo overzwemmen van Het Kanaal tussen Engeland en Frankrijk.

Hoe vereenvoudig ik een IT-landschap?

Een IT Landschap Simplificatie heeft als doel de complexiteit te reduceren door het aantal componenten in dit landschap te verminderen. Naast het haarscherp hebben van het eindresultaat worden vaak subdoelen benoemd. Dergelijke subdoelen zijn bijvoorbeeld het verminderen van de kosten en risico’s, en het vergroten van de flexibiliteit richting de business.

Zoals elk ander project zijn ook hier bekende critical succes factors te noemen zoals het beschikbaar hebben van requirements, alsmede voldoende resources. Deze resources moeten kennis hebben van de organisatie, de business, bedrijfsprocessen, applicaties, technische infrastructuur, de kosten en de relaties tussen de genoemde componenten.

Natuurlijk ben ik als architect verantwoordelijk voor het eindresultaat, maar zonder de juiste resources is de slagingskans gering. Een ondersteuningsteam is dus cruciaal, met daarbij voor elk teamlid zijn/haar eigen specialisatie en verantwoordelijkheden.

Een goede voorbereiding is cruciaal, maar desondanks geen garantie op succes. Immers, zoals de wet van Murphy voorspelt, zullen er ontegenzeggelijk één of meer onvoorziene situaties optreden. Onvoorziene situaties kunnen zowel door interne- als externe oorzaken ontstaan. Denk aan een wijziging in regelgeving door de overheid, het vervangen van de opdrachtgever/sponsor, architectuur wijzigingen, aflopen van inkoopcontracten, wijziging in beheerorganisatie, macro-economische wijzigingen, etc.

Slechts 33 kilometer hemelsbreed

Bij het solo overzwemmen van Het Kanaal is het primaire doel ‘alleen’ het overzwemmen van Het Kanaal (hemelsbreed 33 kilometer). Daarnaast kun je jezelf als subdoel een streeftijd opleggen, waarbinnen je de afstand wil volbrengen. Een ander niet onbelangrijk subdoel is dat je minimaal levend uit het water stapt (immers, er zijn voldoende voorbeelden met helaas tragische afloop).

Om het einddoel te halen zijn er diverse zaken nodig, dit is vergelijkbaar met de IT-landschapssimplificatie. Allereerst het budget, dit komt voor een dergelijke expeditie neer op ongeveer € 7500,-. Vervolgens ben ik als zwemmer verantwoordelijk voor voldoende zwem-inbreng (training). Daarnaast is een ondersteuningsteam met de juiste kennis en kunde cruciaal. Dit team moet kennis hebben van zwemtechnieken, training, voeding, zeestromingen in Het Kanaal, etc. Met het ondersteuningsteam moeten duidelijke afspraken worden gemaakt over verantwoordelijkheden tijdens de zwemtocht. Hierbij moet worden gedacht aan het uitvoeren van het voedingsplan, het gewenste zwemtempo, de veiligheid. Immers, Het Kanaal is de drukst bevaren zeeroute ter wereld. 

Daarnaast moet het team getraind zijn in het mitigeren van onverwachte situaties, zowel vooraf als tijdens het zwemmen. Ook hier geldt de wet van Murphy, want ondanks een goede voorbereiding kan je ook hier op onverwachte omstandigheden stuiten. Bijvoorbeeld een windkracht 5 of harder, te veel vaarverkeer, of dat je schouder het begeeft, terwijl je op 80% van de afstand bent.


Een goede voorbereiding is dus essentieel voor zowel een landschapssimplificatie als een Kanaaloversteek. In beide situaties gaat het hier om het vooraf haarscherp definiëren van het gewenste eindresultaat, de benodigde requirements en het vooraf beleggen van verantwoordelijkheden bij de juiste personen.

Een perfecte voorbereiding alleen is helaas niet voldoende, tijdens beide uitdagingen kunnen onverwachte omstandigheden zich voordoen. Bijvoorbeeld het wegvallen van de sponsor, of het verzeild raken in een kwallen-school kan roet in het eten gooien. Maar met goede voorbereiding, zijn beide uitdagingen zeker geen onmogelijke opgave.

Door: Christian Broodman, Enterprise Architect bij Bauhaus ArtITech

Christian BroodmanThe English Channel - Het KanaalsoloChannelChallenge

Bayside Life Saving Club hosts annual Cerberus Swim Classic fundraising carnival - do, 23/02/2017 - 00:27

HELP the helpers by raising money for Half Moon Bay Surf Life Saving Club next weekend.

The annual Cerberus Swim Classic is on again, creating cash for the lifesavers who patrol our beaches.

Race director Elisha Gibbins said during the past four weeks they had performed a number of rescues, included a heart attack victim who needed to be pulled from the water to safety.

Read the article and see the video about Rip Tides! @ HeraldSun

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Midmar Mile champion Matt Meyer owns the #HotSeat - do, 23/02/2017 - 00:23

The 2017 Aquelle Midmar Mile was probably the most anticipated in years. Chad Ho, who had won the Midmar Mile seven times in a row, lost to young star Matthew Meyer.

If you speak to Chad, he will tell you that he was very aware of Meyer, as he had pushed him all the way last year. What made the rivalry even more interesting was the fact that they train together.

read the article and mor importantly listen to the interview @ EastCoastRadio

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World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation History - di, 21/02/2017 - 00:21

The history of the World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame were outlined in a typed memorandum and distributed bulletins to professional marathon swimmers by Joe Grossman in a Federation document circa Spring 1972. This is his information:

read the interesting article about the wonderful history of Marathon swimming @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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WATCH: Matthew wins Midmar Mile - di, 14/02/2017 - 12:12

MOUNT Edgecombe’s Matthew Meyer won this year’s Aquelle Midmar Mile champion. Meyer not only upset 7-time champion Ho, but he also out-sprinted American world champion Chip Peterson and Ferry Weertman.

“This was my 11th Midmar Mile and ever since entering the open race my goal has always been to win it. It was really tight between me, Chip, Ferry and Chad but around the 200 metres from the finish line it became a tight finish between me and Chad.

read the article and see the video @ NorthglenNews

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2017 George Copley Open Water Swim - di, 14/02/2017 - 12:10

THE 2017 George Copley Open Water Swim was held on Sunday February 12, with about 60 swimmers from across South Australia coming together at the Port Augusta Yacht Club.

Tea Tree Gully Swimming Club’s Tristan Herbert and Ros Gumbys were the male and female five kilometre winners, making their club the overall team champions for the second year running.

read more and see the picture @ TheTranscontinental

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Limbless American swimmer to defy the odds at Midmar Mile race - ma, 13/02/2017 - 00:47

Durban - A limbless American triathlon swimmer will at the weekend prove that some of life's limits can be pushed and overcome when he participates in the 44th aQuellé Midmar Mile race.

Craig Dietz is set to steal the show at the event which is taking place just outside Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal on February 11 and 12.

He is among 180 athletes who will compete in the event in the category for swimmers with disabilities.

Dietz was born without arms and legs in 1979, but his disability has never stood in his way.

Read the full article by Amanda Khoza and see the picture @ News24

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Extreme swimmers brace for Hong Kong’s toughest open water event - ma, 13/02/2017 - 00:45

One of Hong Kong’s most gruelling races will be held next Saturday, February 18.

Now in its fifth year, the 15km Cold Half extreme marathon swim was introduced to cater to the growing interest in open water swimming in the city. It is the winter companion event to the popular Clean Half held in October.

read the article and see the pictures and swimming course map @ SouthChinaMorningPost

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Hungarian Olympic Champion Eva Risvtov Announces Retirement - ma, 13/02/2017 - 00:37

Olympic gold medalist Eva Risvtov recently announced her retirement from competitive swimming in a social media post on her Facebook. In her post, Risvtov explains: At the age of 31 you have to realise when the time has come to say good-bye. Now I feel I can’t give any more to this sport and it’s better to begin the next chapter and start the civil life.”

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Aussie Brenden Hall Encourages Multi Class Athletes to Try Open Water - ma, 13/02/2017 - 00:27

For the 6th-consecutive year, Brenden Hall won the men’s Multi Class 5k open water title at the 2017 Australian Open Water Swimming Championships held at Brighton Beach in South Australia.  Also a 2-time Paralympic gold medalist, we might expect Hall to be gearing up for the World Para Swimming Championships in Mexico City this fall, and perhaps he is; Hall is an accomplished Multi Class swimmer in the pool and open water.  However, if Hall does make the trip to Mexico, he will have to content himself to the competition in the pool alone.

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