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Ice swimming being taken seriously by open water swimmers - di, 10/01/2017 - 13:29

2016-01-09 - Burghausen - Open water swimming is developing into the colder regions... Racing distances in water under 5C is becoming a proper sport. One can see that in the number of participants and the number of countries entering the competitions. The number of events is growing too. Many of the participants are open water swimmers (FINA-federations-swimmers and non-FINA-swimmers alike).

Steven Munatones is writing a series of articles on the World Championships in Burghausen Germany on his website The Daily News of Open Water Swimming. More articles will follow.


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Natural born chillers - zo, 08/01/2017 - 15:18

Climbers have always flocked to the hills of Snowdonia and the Lake District in winter but now they are being joined by adventurers clad in nothing but their swimming costumes.

The first winter snow has settled on the fells above the town of Windermere, in the Lake District. Purple clouds loom over the peaks, promising more to come. But I’m not here to climb the mountains: I’m about to go for a swim.

My guide, Colin Hill, is one of the UK’s most experienced cold-water swimmers. “For the World Winter Swimming Championship

Read the rest of the article about IMSHoF inductee Colin Hill @ Financial Times

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My swimming odyssey: ‘It felt like a last chance to prove what I was capable of’ - zo, 08/01/2017 - 15:15

It seemed like the ultimate challenge: a 5km swim between Greek islands. But would it help me deal with a trauma to come?

I had always thought I could swim. It may have been because I could run. It may have been because I wanted to swim. Or because I only ever did 10 minutes of breaststroke at a time, or splashed off a warm beach. But I really couldn’t swim.

Read the full personal story and see the pictures @ The Guardian

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GSS 1st Global Rankings Report of 2017 - zo, 08/01/2017 - 15:08

2017 is now upon us and here at the Global Swim Series we’re past halfway through our increasingly exciting 2016/17 season.  The start of the season, back in 2016, saw things get very competitive between North America and Europe.  Now in the middle of their summer the Australians and New Zealanders have their chance to catch up.  There’s still a lot more GSS action to take place down under (not to mention in 5 other countries as well!), including the Newport Pool to Peak Ocean Swim taking place this Sunday.  With plenty more races the swimmers in our Pacific Region are starting to move up the in the rankings.

read the whole article and see the rankings @ GSS

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Spanish athlete David Meca completes Strait of Gibraltar swim attempt - do, 05/01/2017 - 23:04

A WORLD champion swimmer has battled big waves and strong winds to swim the Straits of Gibraltar.

Catalan David Meca, of Sabadell, took 3 hours and 39 minutes to complete the tough 14.3 km (8.9 mile) challenge, which saw him swim from Tarifa to Morocco’s Point Cires earlier today despite a strong south westerly wind.

Read the article and see the picture @ Gibraltar Olive Press

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Identify And Conquer Your Swim Weakness - do, 05/01/2017 - 22:59

The sooner you identify your specific downfall as a swimmer, the faster you’ll be out of the open water and onto your bike. Pick which swimmer best describes you and follow the advice to overcome your weakness.

The One-speed Wonder

Your 50 sprint feels the same speed as your 500 easy.

Why you have this problem: Do you swim......

Read the full article with interesting tips @ Triathlete-Europe

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Swimming contest on Bosporus world's best open water event in 2016 - do, 05/01/2017 - 22:46

The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) has announced the Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim as 2016's best open water swimming event in the category of "Offering of the Year."

At the award ceremony American former water polo athlete and open sea swimmer, Steven Munatones, said, "The Turkish Olympic Committee, its staff and volunteers organize and plan, budget and execute one of the finest and most iconic events in the world. The future is very bright for this event and its leadership in the sport of open water swimming is well-established and globally recognized."

Read the article and see the picture @ Daily Sabah

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Westporter nominated for open water swimming award - do, 05/01/2017 - 22:44

Westport’s Elizabeth Fry has been nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year award. It is the fourth time since 2009 that she has been nominated, and is one of 14 women nominated.

Read the article and see the pictures @ Westport News

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Skaha Lake Ultra Swim returns - do, 05/01/2017 - 22:39

The Skaha Lake Ultra Swim has been resuscitated.

The event returns Aug. 13 for the 20th running of the race that was held from 1985 to 2004 with the exception of 1999.

Steve Brown, one of the local organizers, said having the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim return and to be able to celebrate the anniversary is special.

“It was just kind of the synergy of bringing it back,” said Brown, the race director for the Three Lakes Triathlon series. “We want to play that up.”

Read the full article and see the picture @ pentictonwesternnews

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Seidler wins 4th consecutive Jetty Mile - di, 03/01/2017 - 22:52

PHILIP Seidler won the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile for the fourth year in a row on 27 December while Heleni Stergiadis won the women's category for the first time.

The 10th Pupkewitz Jetty Mile took place at Swakopmund while sea conditions were mild with not much swell.

Read the article and see the picture @ The Namibian.

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Paige Christie: Marathon swimmer, inspirational athlete - di, 03/01/2017 - 22:50

Anyone who has enjoyed the children’s book “The Little Engine That Could” has to be impressed with North Andover’s Paige Christie.

While all of 5-foot-1, 110 pounds, Christie has already climbed to heights few athletes of any stature in the world can claim.

In 2014, the former Austin Prep and Smith College standout successfully swam across the treacherous 21-mile English Channel, a feat that only 10 percent of those attempting the challenge complete.

It’s considered twice as hard to swim the channel as it is to climb Mount Everest and the 23-year-old Christie became one of only about 340 women to do it.

Read the full article and see the picture @ Eagle Tribune.

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New FINA Bylaws Take Effect Jan. 1 - di, 03/01/2017 - 22:38

With the coming of the new year comes the installation of FINA’s updated bylaws, as decided by the swimming federation earlier this year.

Many of the new rules focused on open water swimming, with changes to apparel, team relays and a new mandate on wetsuits in especially cold water.

Read the full article @ SwimSwam


Why I'll be welcoming the New Year with a plunge in the sea - and you should, too - di, 03/01/2017 - 22:36

This month, along with my usual plans to eat as many varieties of cheese as possible, catch up on Sherlock and re-gift Molton Brown products, I have a shiny new event lined up: an icy sea swim on New Year’s Day.

Along with 79 other regular sea swimmers, I will kick off 2017 by leaping into Margate’s Walpole Bay Tidal Pool to celebrate its 80th birthday. And truly, as the sort of person who normally would still be at the previous night’s party at 10am rather than this sort of revoltingly plucky, ruddy-cheeked affair, nobody is more surprised than myself.

Read the full article and see the picture @ The Telegraph.

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River swimming: why don't Australians take the plunge? - di, 03/01/2017 - 22:29

Australia is world-famous as a swimming nation. We have a celebrated beach culture, not to mention more privately owned pools per capita than any other country. Yet few urban Australians would consider swimming in their city’s river.

Almost every major Australian city sits on the banks of a large river. But judging by online reactions to the suggestion of a dip in the Brisbane river, most people are worried about everything from ear infections to a painful death from brain-eating amoebae.

Read the full analysis and see the pictures @ The Gaurdian


Jessi Harewicz Exploring the World's Oceans

Channel Challenge - di, 03/01/2017 - 21:41
Now I have to swim the English Channel

The world is covered by more ocean than land and there is an uncharted playground of water in British Columbia. So why not try something that is done less? You might discover more.

I was a synchronised swimmer as a teen, but I quit due to a combination of the teasing and my lack of success.

I am still a beginner in adventure swimming, but I can’t do much else right now. A couple of years ago I broke up with a long-time boyfriend and it led me to start training for a triathlon. I got back into the pool for the first time in 12 years. I did the Swim Trek boot camp and I failed so badly. I panicked, was violently sick and almost got hypothermia (in a wet suit!). But I only learned this by TRYING. Three weeks later I was swimming 10 hours down Indian Arm.

While continuing to train for my first triathlon, I started to get hip problems. The moment I got the news about my hip, I cried. My Ironman career ended before I could even start a race. But I’d had a taste of adventure swimming and something in my head said 'now I have to swim the English Channel'. The Channel isn’t my ultimate goal, it’s just one of many. I have a big list of swims that I want to do, and it's gonna take time!

Read the excellent story and see the nice pictures @ Inner Voice

andere teams/zwemmersThe English Channel - Het Kanaal

What kind of water? How long is a meter?

Channel Challenge - di, 03/01/2017 - 21:14

Used with kind permission by Ned Denison of Sandycove/Cork open water swim Camp

As the days get longer in the Northern Hemisphere and the sun actually gives off a bit of warmth I have the annual pleasure of meeting lots of winter pool swimmers. They all seem to have questions which fit into two basic categories:

Is there much difference between swimming laps in an indoor heated pool and swimming distance in the open water?

"I am thinking about swimming (pick anyone of these: the local 1 mile race (1.6 k) across the bay swim, Dublin Harbour, the Santa Barbara Channel, English Channel, etc.) so can you tell me how many meters (or yards) I need to swim for the previous year to be guaranteed of success?"

I never really know where to start. So maybe each question in turn:

Is there much difference between swimming laps in an indoor heated pool and swimming distance in the open water?

My mind first flashes to the previously 100% dedicated indoor pool swimmers who now spend their summers in the sea. Pete M. summed it up a few years ago by saying that he wasn’t a religious man but being in the ocean was a “spiritual experience”.

Then the dark side takes over and I see the ones who came down for their first swim and:

  • Never got out of the car
  • Dipped a toe in and ran
  • Jumped in, were unable to breathe and ran

The brave lady who learned how to swim six months previous, got up to 8,000 pool meters (5 miles) a week and came out after 15 minutes in a lumpy old sea and said: “I might as well have taken 6 months of tennis lessons for all the good the pool sessions did me out there!”

All but the last of these never reappeared!

The answer is that YES there is so much difference between lap swimming and open water swimming that they can hardly be considered part of the same sport! Water is not the same when you compare a warm and protected indoor pool to the variable conditions in the ocean or river or lake.

Dedicated open water swimmers love turning up and having a different swimming experience EVERY time. It is not just as simple as water and air temperatures, suns, winds, waves and “other”. The temperature of the water will vary up to 2C (4F) over a 25 meter stretch outdoors. Swim into a “warmer” patch and you experience a little bit of heaven each time – but you always know that there is another cold patch just ahead! Cold air temperature will chill your arms and shorten your stroke. A strong sun breaking through cloud in July with warm air will give you a physical and emotional lift that end all work thoughts for the day. Even in the darkest days of winter in December when the actual heat off the sun is negligible – you think of it as your long lost friend coming along for a swim.

You feel like superman/woman swimming with wind and wave behind you until you need to turn back and can “taste” the full resistance – sometimes pushing you backwards. And finally, the “other”! We all deep inside have a fear of the unknown associated with the open water. Maybe you didn’t like the look of the swaying plant life at the bottom, the jelly fish deep down or the seal that just scooted by which gave you a fright. What is better? Seeing it all? or swimming in a churned up sea or fresh water off a peat bog with NO visibility? Then there are the things that go squish, zap and bang. Did you really just swim into a pile of weed? Ouch – was that a jelly fish sting or a sea lice bite? Damn – my hand just hit something – do I dare look? No problem, it is just a stick, sea bird, buoy, moored sailboat, island, floating bottle,seal, another swimmer, etc.

It is not just that the conditions are different every time you arrive for an open water swim. You are also guaranteed that they will change every minute that you are getting ready, swimming and getting dressed! A very different situation compared to the time you went to the pool last year and the florescent light was flickering and drove you crazy!

So YES the open water experience is much different from the pool experience.

If you have a great frame of mind and get through first two open water sessions – you will probably come to prefer the open water! Give it a chance…

I am thinking about swimming (pick anyone of these: the local 1 mile race (1.6k) across the bay swim, Dublin Harbour, the Santa Barbara Channel, English Channel, etc.) so can you tell me how many meters (or yards) I need to swim for the previous year?

The answer is: “You need to do enough meters to be physically and mentally confident.” I know that doesn’t really help you… They are no formulas. There is no such thing as a standard meter – all meters are different. I am not trying to be cute with either answer, this is just reality.

So let’s take the big channel swims – call them 34,000 meters (21 miles). Those would be “as the crow flies” meters. You may have already figure this one out – crows are much to smart to do open water swims! Let’s imagine that you swam 6 days a week in an indoor 50 meter pool and did 12,000 meters (13,000 yards) every session – stopping every hour for your carbohydrate drink. This would be a serious amount of training – more than double the training meters of the average English Channel swimmer. One small problem – your channel swim started at 3 am in the dark. You were never before in the sea at night, you panicked and ended your attempt after 13 minutes. So maybe the first 1,000 meters (1,100 yards) of night swim training is worth 100,000 meters (62 miles) of pool training? And so you get the basic idea!

So, step back and ask what kind of swim you are “likely” to get in say the English Channel. If you average less than 2,500 meters/hour (1.5 miles/hour) at your pool cruising speed then you will “most likely” be in the English Channel for well over 15 hours. Why so vague? Remember the variable conditions in all open water? Toss in the confused weather patterns where the Arctic meets the Atlantic, the continental land mass meets Great Britain and the narrow channel squeezing a fast tide to give even faster water speeds!

So, it is more a balance of the type of meters, some measure of distance all done in a way to ensure you don’t injure yourself yet do enough to give you confidence for the upcoming swim..

So what type of training meters should you do? How about all of the following: ocean night, waves coming from all directions, into the wind with the current behind you, next to a big safety boat, a few long (6+ hour) ocean swims, alone, getting several different kinds of frights (all while practicing safe swimming), with 30 to 60 minute feeds, 2+ hours without a feed, in water colder than 16C, sprints, with leg cramps, with a bout of vomiting, peeing, with arms so heavy you can barely lift them, going backwards with the tide and finally in for another few hours beyond what you wanted or planned.

You would want to read the last section again…maybe twice. Get the last shudder out of your system, take a deep breath and remind yourself that your own personal swim distance goal (be it 1 mile or 30 miles) can well be one of the more important things in your life for the next year and a bit. The pain and inconvenience of some training will make it all the more enjoyable when you achieve your goal.

Two friends swim around Sandycove Island in Cork Ireland (1,700 meters) in about 30 minutes in reasonable conditions. One day it took them 75 minutes to complete the lap in “lumpy” seas. What do you think those specific 1,700 meters “were worth”? I would say at least three times that many in the pool.

Why are pool sprints highly recommended as English Channel training? Try this situation – the boat captain says to you after 15 hours in the water: “The tide is turning. If you pick up your pace by 20% you will get to France in 15 minutes – if not you will miss the Cap and be in the water another 4 hours plus .” You will want to actually have that higher speed gear – honed through pool training. That would involve training of say 20 sets of 100 meters coming in on 1 minute XX seconds and resting for YY seconds between sets. Why the variables? Everyone swims at a different speed and with a different style.

To try and make a long open water swim after only pool training would be like climbing 30 strange and unknown steps in one go. The correct training will get you better acquainted with 25 of these steps BEFORE your big day. The more you have experienced the more prepared you will be. You can only visualise something you know a bit about. Visualising a bit ocean marathon is not possible unless you have swum long distances in a “similar” ocean before. Swimming 3 hours in the tropics will not allow you to visualise swimming 3 hours in 12C water.

Swim though a leg cramp on a planned training swim and if you have a similar experience in your big swim – you will remember how to deal with it – and have the confidence to do so. Remember – you can’s stop in the shallow end and massage your leg!

Guaranteed of success?

Sorry – wrong sport if you want a guarantee of success. Most very successful marathon swimmers will have a failure or two. The succeed you need at least the 4 aces: physically conditioning, mental preparation, good pilot/crew and good conditions. Some would say you need the 5th ace > luck as well.


If you have a goal now great. You need to declare it (at least to yourself) and set out a plan to give you a good chance of success. If you don’t know how to start…send me an email:

I don’t get paid for advice…so can hopefully get you headed in the right direction and possibly get you connected to others connected to your goal. Together we can arrange for advice on your training, emotional support (read as “a kick in the backside when you suggest missing an ocean swim because it is raining”) and help on the actual day.

Get those first two "emotionally and physically" challenging open water swims of 2017 - done and dusted! The third swim of the year is when you start to think it is all possible and all worth it!

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10 tips for New Years resolutions

Channel Challenge - di, 03/01/2017 - 21:05

As found on the FaceBook page of Adam Walker:

Adam wrote one of the first sensible guidelines for open water swimming in the early 90's.

  1. Decide on your goals for 2017 and start as you mean to go on.
  2. Create a training plan u can realistically stick to based on your life requirements.
  3. Always make your training plan stretching and feel you have worked hard afterwards.
  4. If possible find a good training partner who is similar in speed if not faster to push you.
  5. Don't engage in any negative conversations about your challenge, either instigated by you or others.
  6. Always say you will achieve the goal no matter what and don't make it a big deal in your head. Play it down to others and your mind will start to believe this way.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people.
  8. Don't be down on yourself if you have a bad session there is always tomorrow.
  9. Stay healthy, listen to your body if you need rest. Rest is as important as training.
  10. Know its your destiny to achieve the goal and be proud of yourself.


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Team Nederland komt aan in Burghausen

Channel Challenge - di, 03/01/2017 - 20:47

Burghausen - Het Nederlandse team druppelt binnen in Burghausen. Daar worden komende dagen de Wereldkampioenschappen IJszwemmen gehouden. Daarbij is er ook nog een Ice-Cup wedstrijd. 

Helaas is Raymond Oosterbaan verhinderd omdat hij niet fit genoeg is. Het goede nieuws is dat Fergil Donderdag in de snelste serie zit op de 1000m samen met enkele Wereldtoppers.

Wat plaatjes van vandaag door Fam Hesterman en mij gemaakt:

Overzicht van Burghausen op een plaat bij de lokale VVV

De wedstrijdlocatie in de verte bij de drie lichten vanaf de Burcht.

Ice (Mile) Swimming (IISA)

IJsselmeer Marathon - Statistieken

DLDSA - do, 29/12/2016 - 01:45

IJsselmeer Marathon georganiseerd door DES op de 1ste zaterdag van augustus



jaar deelnemer 1970 Hilbert Prins  1971  Hilbert Prins  1972 Jan Visser 1973 Jan Visser  1974  Jan Visser  1975  Hilbert Prins  1976  Joke van Staveren  1977  Joke van Staveren 1978  Rudy Willems 1979  Monique Wildschut  1980  Joop Lam  1981  Joop Lam  1982  Joop Lam  1983  Joop Lam  1984 Joop Lam 1985  Joop Lam  1986  Marcel v.d. Togt  1987  Robin Boer  1988  AFGELAST  1989  Lyndon Dunsbee (GB)  1990 Martijn van Heusden  1991  Hans van Goor  1992  Erik van Dartel  1993  Erik van Dartel  1994  AFGELAST (WIND NW 6-7)  1995 Gustavo Oriozabala (ARG)  1996  Etta van der Weijden  1997  Remco Hitzert  1998  Etta van der Weijden  1999  Nicole Brenner (GER)  2000  Nicole Brenner (GER) 2001  Timm Leuchtmann (GER) 2002 Edith van Dijk 2003 Timm Leuchtmann (GER) 2004 Maarten v.d. Weijden 2005 Timm Leuchtmann (GER) 2006 Timm Leuchtmann GER) 2007 Sebastiaan Reijnen 2008 Sebastiaan Reijnen 2009 Bianca de Bruijn 2010 Robin den Boer 2011 Bianca de Bruijn  2012 Marcel Schouten 2013 Jan Willem v.d. Graaff 2014 AFGELAST (WIND W7-9) 2015 Jens Bakker 2016 Lisa Dreesens


Alle deelnemers
Overzicht van alle deelnemers, het jaar waarin zij zwommen en de tijd die ze nodig hadden de afstand te overbruggen.

   Uitvaller  Julian van Leuven 13.40 uur       1970  1: Hans Prins 7uur 2min. 3.2 sec. 2: Jan Visser 7uur 3min. 36.4.sec. 3: Hans Arendsen 7uur 35min. 02sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Wim de Boer,2 Gert Udo,3 Arie Geijsel,4 Joop Menke,5 Guus Ruygrok,6 Anke v.d.Veeke. Een weetje: Op 22 Augustus 1970 zwom de toen 16 jarige Jack Brakeboer deze oversteek ook. Hij werd gecoacht door Jan van Scheyndel die deze tocht al eerder op zijn naam bracht, en uiteindelijk de grondlegger is van deze zwemmarathon. 1971 1: Hans Prins 5uur 43min 25sec. 2: Jan Visser 5uur 49min 24sec. 3: Corrie Ebbelaar 6uur 07min 00sec. 4: Guus Ruygrok 6uur 16min 53sec. 5: Jack Brakeboer 6uur 59min 00sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Wim de Boer, 2 Tadeus Mazur, 3 Jan Kramer, 4 Joop Menke. 1972 1: Jan Visser 5uur 53min 42sec. 2: Lottie ten Veen 6uur 00min 33sec. 3: Hans Prins 6uur 03min 53sec. 4: Guus Ruygrok 6uur 59min 37sec. 5: Jack Brakeboer 7uur 02min 57sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Wim Maalsen, 2 Wim de Boer, 3 Gert Udo 4 Daan Kramer, 5 Arie Geysel, 6 A. van Excel 1973 1: Jan Visser 5uur 20min 53sec. 2: Hans Prins 5uur 22min. 3: Lottie ten Veen 5uur 26min. 4: Aiko van Diffelen 5uur 33min. 5: Jack Brakeboer 6uur 27min. 1974 1: Jan Visser 6uur 25min 37sec. 2: Lottie ten Veen 7uur 03min 06sec. 3: Jack Brakeboer 7uur 43min 36sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Valerie Taytor, 2 mevr.Hopman, 3 Hans Prins 1975 1: Hans Prins 7uur 14min 08sec. 2: Dougles Cambell 7uur 47min 41sec. 3: Jack Brakeboer 7uur 54min 41sec. 4: Joke van Staveren 8uur 01min 26sec. 5: Ge Wildschut 8uur 14min 43sec. 6: Arie Geysel 10uur 2min 40sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Rene Lamping, 2 Bruce Beckett, 3 Piet Stegink. 1976 1: Joke van Staveren 5uur 38min 37sec. 2: Hans Prins 5uur 46min 37sec. 3: Jack Brakeboer 6uur 06min 57sec. 4: Ge Wildschut 6uur 31min 19sec. 5: Chiny Kok 6uur 32min 35sec. 6: Arie Geysel 7uur 43min 39sec. 1977 1: Joke van Staveren 5uur 35min 16sec. 2: Cees Bobeldijk 5uur 52min 57sec. 3: Marijke Zeekant 6uur 02 min 50sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Erust Bekkering 1978 1: Rudy Willems 5uur 13min.43,9sec. 2: Ton Brouwer 5uur 21min 11sec. 3: Joke van Staveren 5uur 40min 18,6sec. 4: Ingrid Politiek 5uur 41min 32,2sec. 5: Marijke Zeekant 5uur 41min 40,2sec. 6: Cees Bobeldijk 5uur 42min 47,6sec. 7: Irene van der Laan 6uur 02min 07,7sec. 1979 1: Monique Wildschut 4uur 58min 49,8sec. 2: Irene van der Laan 5uur 09min 38,5sec. 3: Ton Brouwer 5uur 26min 26,5sec. 4: Vera Zetzer 5uur 39min 37,2sec. 5: Cees Bobeldijk 5uur 44min 50,2sec. 6: Freddy Indarte 6uur 13min 35,2sec. 7: Erna Hofman 6uur 15min 23,5sec. 1980 1: Joop Lam 4uur.47min 27sec. 2: Monique Wildschut 4uur 48min 44sec. 3: Ton Brouwer 5uur 06min 53sec. 4: Irene van der Laan 5uur 17min 52sec. 5: Cees Bobeldijk 5uur 29min 59sec. 6: Marcel v.d. Togt 5uur 35min53sec. 7: Alfredo Indarte Vega 5uur 43min 46sec. 8: Sara Hunt 5uur 45min 46sec. 9: David Morgan 6uur 01min 55sec. 10: Maria Roldan Barata 6uur 16min 53sec. 11: Mary Mounir 6uur 51min 16sec. 1981 1: Joop Lam 4uur 33min 16sec. 2: Monique Wildschut 4uur 49min 50sec. 3: Irene van der Laan 4uur 57min 00sec. 4: Ton Brouwer 5uur 12min 01sec. 5: Marcel v.d. Togt 5uur 25min 15sec. 6: Sandra Bendvelt 5uur 31min 36sec. 7: David Morgan 5uur 34min 28sec.  8: Sara Hunt 5uur 46min 39sec.  9: Jack Brakeboer 6uur 25min 22sec.  10: Jos Bankras 7uur 02min 35sec. 1982 1: Joop Lam 4uur 41min 31sec. 2: Monique Wildschut 5uur 02min 13sec. 3: Gerrit Muller 5uur 29min 03sec. 4: Marcel v.d.Togt 5uur 47min 18sec. 5: Marcel Stroet 6uur 04min 49sec. 6: Albert Schermer 7uur 03min 37sec. 7: Amo Stap 7uur 27min 58sec. 1983 1: Joop Lam 4uur 48min 28sec. 2: Edwin Kooyman 5uur 08min 49sec. 3: Ton Brouwer 5uur 47min 12sec. 4: Marcel v.d.Togt 6uur 09min 43sec. 5: Esther Kleine 6uur 15min 37sec. 6: Robert Sherbum 6uur 34min 25sec. 7: Jos Bankras 6uur 42min 05sec.  8: Piet Stroet 7uur 40min 09sec.  9: Silvia Ploos v.Amstel 8uur 23min 02sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Marcel Stroet 1984 1: Joop Lam 5uur 17min 40sec 2: Ton Brouwer 5uur 43min 40sec 3: Marcel v.d. Togt 6uur 18min 44sec. 4: Marcel Stroet 6uur 32 min 03sec. 5: Monique Slinger 6uur 43min 40sec. 6: Klaas v. Egmond 6uur 58min 48sec. 7: Roel de Hoop 7uur 06min 49 sec.  8: Petra v.d. Vis 7uur 30min 47sec.  9: Koen Lucas 7uur 34min 16sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Edwin Kooyman 1985 1: Joop Lam 5uur 21min 45sec. 2: Ton Brouwer 6uur 00min 21sec. 3: Marcel Stroet 6uur 39 min 27sec. 4: Monique Slinger 6uur 44min 38sec. 5: Marjan Moes 7uur 10min 45sec. 6: Klaas v. Egmond 7uur 35min 02sec. 7: Petra v.d. Vis 7uur 53min 53sec.  8: Jacquo Odemaere 8uur 03min 50sec. 1986 1: Marcel v.d.Togt 6uur 37min 13sec. 2: Nathalie Patenaude 7uur 18min 08sec. 3: Monique Slinger 7uur 36min 19sec. 4: Silvian Herbert 8uur 15min 41sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Marian Moes, 2 Ton Brouwer, 3 Perry v. Lochem, 4 Jeanet Huiberts, 5 Hans Nipshage, 6 Marcel Stroet 1987 1: Robin Boer 5uur 43min. 25sec. 2: Paul Hogg 5uur 58min 24sec. 3: Annemie Landmeters 6uur 23min 52sec. 4: Nemeth Zsolt 6uur 34min 29sec. 5: Monique Slinger 6uur 37min 32sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Joost Kuijlaars, 2 Petra v.d.Vis, 3 Perry v.Lochem, 4 Marcel Stroet 1988 Helaas werd deze marathon afgelast. 1989 1: Lyndon Dunsbee 4uur 59min 38sec. 2: Rita Lazar 5uur 14min 48sec. 3: Wandy Kater 5uur 18 min 28sec. 4: Annemie Landmeters 5uur 22min 43sec. 5: Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 36min 52sec. 6: Perry v. Lochem 5uur 39min 40sec. 7: Jacquo Odemaere 6uur 09min 56sec.  8: Nicky Slinger 6uur 33min 11sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Irene v.d. Laan, 2 Paul Hogg 1990 1: Martijn v. Heusden 5uur 38min 09sec. 2: Erik van Dartel 5uur 51min 17sec. 3: Rita Lazar 6uur 00min 28sec. 4: Joost Kuijlaars 6uur 18min 53sec. 5: Marcel v.d. Togt 6uur 49min 05sec. 6: Edith van Dijk 7uur 03min 34sec. 7: Nicky Slinger 7uur 27min 15sec. 1991 1: Hans van Goor 5uur 31min 38sec. 2: Annemie Landmeters 6uur 22min 38sec 3: Joost Kuijlaars 6uur 34min 23sec. 4: Nicky Slinger 8uur 17min 08sec. 5: Irene v.d. Laan 8uur 20min 18sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Jean Luc Rolland, 2 Eric Laurençont, 3 Dusan Toth Szabo, 4 Martijn v.Heusden, 5 Erik van Dartel, 6 Jacquo Odemaere, 7 Edith van Dijk 1992 1: Erik van Dartel 5uur 16min 14sec. 2: Justin Palfrey 5uur 41min 53sec. 3: Irene van der Laan 6uur 00min 39sec. 4: Simon Lee 6uur 09min 42sec. 5: Nicky Slinger 6uur 37min 43sec. 6: Edo Kegel 7uur 23min 26sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 John van Wisse, 2 Joost Knylaars, 3 Jay Benner 1993 1: Erik van Dartel 4uur 58min 03sec. 2: Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 16min 35sec. 3: Martijn van Heusden 5uur 30min 56sec. 4: Nicky Slinger 6uur 09min 39sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Remco Folkertsma, 2 Felix Rijnierse, 3 Annemie Landmeters, 4 Edo Kegel, 5 Marcel Noordman 1994 Helaas werd deze marathon afgelast. Weetje: Deze marathon werd voorbereid als NK veel overleg met de KNZB was hiervoor nodig. Uiteindelijk is de organisatie gelukt, er waren zelfs 3 televisieploegen op komen dagen om de strijd te verslaan. Bij de organisatie was er een grote teleurstelling toen de race wegens te zware weersonstandigheden moest worden afgelast. Voor de televisie is Hans van Goor nog wel even gaan zwemmen voor de kust van Stavoren. 1995 1: Gustavo Oriozabala 5uur 24min 27sec. 2: Joost Knylaars 5uur 43min 42sec. 3: Karin Stein 5uur 48min 04sec. 4: Irene van der Laan 5uur 57min 42sec. 5: Richard Broer 6uur 26min 20sec. 6: Nicky Slinger 7uur 09min 29sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Lourival Alves Quirino. Een weetje: Niet op komen dagen zijn de Tsjechen Radek Taborsky en Petra Skrbkova Zij bleken een autoongeluk te hebben gehad wat gelukkig goed was afgelopen Maar konden daarom toch niet op tijd in Holland zijn. 1996 1: Etta van der Weijden 4uur 33min 08sec. 2: Melanie kuipers 4uur 54min 40sec. 3: Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 07min 48sec. 4: Erik van Dartel 5uur 17min 58sec. 5: Richard Broer 5uur 45min 54sec. 6: Nicky Slinger 5uur 53min 21sec 7: Stephan Jutte 5uur 56min 01sec.  8: Hans Miltenburg 7uur 37min 50sec. 1997 1: Remco Hitzert 4uur 38 min 24sec. 2: Joost Knylaars 4uur 55min 27sec. 3: Irene van der Laan 5uur 11min 05sec. 4: Liselotte Joling 5uur 12min 01sec. 5: Simon Lee 5uur 21min 42sec. 6: Rombald de Rie 6uur 32min.41sec. 7: Frits Bakker 7uur 42min 20sec. 1998 1: Etta van der Weijden 5uur 24min. 05sec. 2: Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 58min. 38sec. 3: Melanie Kuiper 6uur 21min. 59sec. 4: Liselotte Joling 6uur 34min. 25sec. 5: André Oud 6uur 51min. 17sec. 6: Simon Lee 6uur 55min. 54sec. 7: Michael Read 8uur 33min. 56 sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Remco Hitzert, 2 Erwin Hoogeveen, 3 Lynne Lee, 4 Irene van der Laan 1999 1: Nicole Brenner 6uur 18min. 56sec. 2: Joost Kuijlaars 6uur 37min. 19sec. 3: Liselotte Joling 6uur 58min. 50sec. 4: Sarah Winkelbauer 7uur 15min. 44sec 5: Rombald de Rie 8uur 15min. 55sec 6: Michael Read 8uur 41 min. 11sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Melanie Kuiper, 2 Hans Miltenburg, 3 Fons van der Steeg, 4 Till Richter, 5 Rainer Steinecker, 6 Erwin Hoogeveen, 7 André Oud, 8 Frits Bakker, 9 Pablo Monsanto 2000 1: Nicole Brenner 4uur 45min. 27sec. 2: Rick Mans 5uur 01min. 38sec. 3: Dagmar Sturkenboom 5uur 01min. 59sec. 4: André Oud 5uur 23min. 20sec. 5: Melanie Kuiper 5uur 23min. 31sec. 6: Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 33min. 30sec. 7: Koos Ligthart 5uur 53min. 41sec. 8: Michael Read 7uur 0min. 10sec. 2001 1: Timm Leuchtmann 5uur 13min 12sec. 2: Rick Mans 5uur 52min 39sec. 3: Mark Drenth 6uur 07min 38sec. 4: Joost Kuijlaars 6uur 17min 57sec. 5: Simon Lee 6uur 34min 57sec. 6: Gemma Pellicaan 6uur 36min 57sec. 7: Manuel Valverde 6uur 59min 02sec.  8: Koos Ligthart 7uur 02min 03sec.  9: Noela Petti 7uur 15min 33sec.  10: Rombald de Rie 7uur 52min 16sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Robbert Springveld, 2 André Oud, 3 Sander Joosten, 4 Jankees Boer, 5 Ferdie Witvoet, 6 Liselotte Joling, 7 Fons van der Steeg 2002 1: Edith van Dijk 4uur 38min. 07sec. 2: Timm Leuchtmann (GER) 4uur 47min. 13sec. 3: Rick Mans 5uur 22min. 54sec. 4: Katinka van Vastenhoven 5uur 29min. 42sec. 5: Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 33min. 13sec. 6: Grith sigsgaard 5uur 33min. 51sec. 7: Jeroen Vogelsang 6uur 00min. 21sec. 8: Wendy Meder 6uur 12min. 37sec. 9: Koos Ligthart 6uur 19min. 51sec. 10: Nicky slinger 6uur 43min. 10sec. 2003 1. Timm Leuchtmann (GER) 4uur 33min. 04sec. 2. Mark Drenth 4uur 42min. 40sec. 3. Danielle uit den Bogaard 5uur 06min. 36sec. 4. Manuel Valverde (ARG) 5uur 20min. 52sec. 5. Grith Sigsgaard (DEN) 5uur 24min. 20sec. 6. Viki Boviatsis 5uur 29min. 30sec. 7. Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 38min. 66sec. 8. Melanie Kuiper 5uur 42min. 08sec. 9. Jeroen Vogelsang 5uur 42min. 42sec. 10. Koos Ligthart 5uur 54min. 32sec. 11. Gemma Middendorp 6uur 01min. 45sec. 12. Jantine Braakman-Dol 6uur 36min. 32sec. 13. Rombald de Rie 6uur 49min. 40sec. 14. Peter Haker 7uur 00min. 45sec. 2004 1. Maarten v.d. Weijden   4uur 20min. 58sec. 2. Mark Drenth 4uur 39min. 15sec. 3. Danielle uit den Bogaard 4uur 59min. 18sec. 4. Inge Leeten (BEL) 5uur 15min. 52sec. 5. Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 20min. 37sec. 6. Denise de Riet 5uur 25min. 20sec. 7. Patricia Brooymans 5uur 30min. 39sec. 8. Katinka van Vastenhoven 5uur 37min. 46sec. 9. Grith Sigsgaard 5uur 45min. 52sec. 10. Jeroen Vogelsang 5uur 45min. 54sec. 11. Koos Ligthart 5uur 53min. 03sec. 12. Erik v.d. Wel 5uur 55min. 00sec. 13. Susan de Baar 6uur 00min. 30sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Timm Leuchtmann, die helaas zeeziek werd en na 3 uur en 54 minuten gezwommen te hebben het water verliet. 2005 1. Timm Leuchtmann   5uur 5min. 13sec. 2. Edith van Dijk 5uur 18min. 59sec. 3. Mark Drenth 6uur 3min. 12sec. 4. Bianca de Bruijn 6uur 5min. 44sec. 5. Joost Kuijlaars 6uur 29min. 40sec. 6. Erik v.d. Wel 6uur 46min. 20sec. 7. Irene v.d. Laan 7uur 2min. 18sec. 8. Marieke v.d. Knoop 7uur 25min. 30sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Astrid Koert, 2 Grith Sigsgaard, 3 Daniëlle uit den Bogaard en 4 Kim Ruijs gaven voortijdig de strijd op. Allen hadden het te koud, de watertemperatuur lag dan ook net boven de minimum vereiste 16 graden Celsius 2006 1. Timm Leuchtmann   4uur 49min. 39sec. 2. Bianca de Bruijn 4uur 50min. 16sec. 3. Grith Sigsgaard 5uur 02min. 06sec. 4. Daan Glorie 5uur 10min. 46sec. 5. Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 18min. 14sec. 6. Annemerle Hoogvorst 5uur 19min. 48sec. 7. Astrid Koert 5uur 23min. 21sec. 8. Sander Joosten 5uur 24min. 42sec. 9. Irene v.d. Laan 5uur 41min. 07sec. 10. Erik v.d. Wel 6uur 13min. 42sec. 2007 1. Sebastiaan Reijnen   4uur 22min. 57sec. 2. Mark Drenth 4uur 45min. 53sec. 3. Timm Leuchtmann 4uur 50min. 502sec. 4. Evelien Sohl 5uur 3min. 8sec. 5. Daan Glorie 5uur 13min. 11sec. 6. Joost Kuijlaars 5uur 24min. 16sec. 7. Grith Sigsgaard 5uur 50min. 27sec. 8. Irene v.d. Laan 5uur 53min. 55sec. 9. Anne Paulien Drenth 5uur 59min. 27sec. 10. Kevin Bora 6uur 10min. 10sec. Overige deelnemers: 1 Maarten v.d. Weijden, 2 Ajeya Moghe, 3 Sayali Penharkar en 4 Kenneth Deinum gaven voortijdig de strijd op. Maarten gaf op wegens de kou en een peesontsteking in zijn arm, Ajeya en Sayali uit India gaven op vanwege de kou. Kenneth hield het niet vol en werd 500 meter voor de kust uit het water gehaald, de watertemperatuur was 18,3 graden Celsius 2008  1.  Sebastiaan Reijnen  4:46.00,25  2.  Evelien Sohl  5:16.26,95 3.  Daan Glorie  5:22.46,19  4.  Bianca de Bruijn  5:24.13,15  5.  Benjamin Konschak  5:39.27,52  6.  Grith Sigsgaard  5:47.54,14  7.  Joost Kuijlaars  5:58.13,66  8.  Jurrien Hartman  6:17.49,39  9.  Richard Broer  6:32.16,82  10.  Jeroen Vogelsang  6:36.10,32  11.  Irene van der Laan  6:58.50,28  12.  Ralf van der Poel  7:11.12,80  Uitvallers   Gijsbertine Mantel 11.30 uur uit het water     Julian van Leuven 13.40 uur uit het water 2009  1.  Bianca de Bruijn  4:41.02,62  2.  Ian van der Hulst  4:47.33,96   3.  Daan Glorie  4:59.06,78 4.  Evelien Sohl   5:04.51,87  5.  Jan-Willem van der Graaff  5:30.18,87  6.  Grith Sigsgaard  5:36.06,59  7.  Joost Kuijlaars  5:46.08,67  8.  Astrid Koert  5:48.54,27  9.  Martijn Butter  5:49.07,32 10. Irene van der Laan  5:52.33,58  11. Gijsbertine Mantel  5:53.55,60  12. Anne Paulien  Drenth  6:00.38,50  13. René de Boer  6:09.27,81  14. Karin van Dijk  6:11.24,66  15. Ralf van der Poel  6;13.28,14  16. Natalie van der Hoeven  6:15.10,36  17. Paul Oudendijk  6:48.30,12


 Patrick Ghijsel (BEL) Werd om 16.45 uur uit het water gehaald.
Hij moest toen nog rond de 5 km. zwemmen. 2010 1. Robin den Boer 4:22.07,18 2. Ian van der Hulst  4:30.42,00 3. Daan Glorie  4:35.41,17 4. Evelien Sohl  4:45.23,62 5. Jan-Willem van der Graaff  4:46.53,12 6. Grith Sigsgaard 4:56.59,16  7. Søren Mikkelsen  5:02.02,75  8. Matthijs Dekker 5:04.20,27 9. Jelle Beerens 5:06.40,52 10. Joost Kuijlaars 5:25.08,06 11. Irene van der Laan 5:31.53,64 12. Milko van Gool 5;43.23,55 13. Jacques Tuset (FRA) 5:47.17,59 2011 1. Bianca de Bruijn 4:59.46,57 2. Daan Glorie  5:10.42,43 3. Fergil Hesterman  5:12.25,99 4. Evelien Sohl  5:17.28,74 5. Wietse Beerens  5;44.45,91 6. Remco van Althuis  5:57.30,73 7. Grith Sigsgaard  5:58.38,61 8. Margot Stenveld 6:00.02,89 9. Bianca Cox  6:07.05,28 10. Linda Hoogendam  6:12.35,82 11. Jeroen Vogelsang  6:20.16,38 12. Ralf v.d. Poel  6:29.57,80 2012 1. Marcel Schouten 4:18.06,14 RECORD 2. Ferry Weertman  4:23.30,23 3. Daan Glorie  4:33.47,84 4. Jan-Willem van der Graaf  4:34.49,29 5. Evelien Sohl 4:46.29,02 6. Maaike Waayer 4:47.08,14 7. Bianca de Bruijn 4:52.15,60 8. Fergil Hesterman 5:01.33,20 9. Søren Mikkelsen 5:06.03,66 10. Frans Bijl 5:21.01,92 11. Grith Sigsgaard 5;24.19,55 12. Margot Stenveld 5;29.06,73 13. Jeroen Vogelsang 5:49.23,77 14. Irene van der Laan 5:52.29,66 15. Linda Hoogendam 5:54.09,26 16. Debby Distelblom 5;57.37,57 17. Christian Broodman 6:25.19,93 18. Rick Nobels 6:41.15,30 2013 1. Jan Willem v.d. Graaff 5:24.56,83 2. Evelien Sohl 5:36.24,62 3.

Søren Mikkelsen

5:53.54,79 4. Margot Stenveld 5:57.46,99 5. Ralf van der Poel 6:26.27,01 6. Nico Mak 6:32.15,71 7. Bianca Cox 6:43.19,76 8. Christian Broodman 6:53.45,19 9. Delenn van Oostrom 6:54.04,52 10. Jeroen Vogelsang 7:11.53,97 11. Hans-Georg Fiedeldeij 8;19.12,84


      1. Jen-Ai van Soelen 1:29.00   2. Youri Severin 1:36.00   3. Irene van der Laan 4:08.00   4. Frans Bijl 5:11.00   5. Ben Zentveldt 5:32.00   6. Carl Plasschaert 6:09.00 2014
(Afgelast wegens zwaar weer)
2015 1. Jens Bakker 4:57.58 2. Ben Zentveldt 5:01.14 3. Daniel Ponce 5:08.33 4. Maurice van den Berge 5:14.08 5. Delenn van Oostrom 5:15.15 6. Soren Mikkelsen 5:27.06 7. Jasmijn Ruijgrok 5:30.28 8. Sander van Elburg 5:37.08 9. Karin Stein 5:38.41 10. Dennis Wijbenga 5:59.30 11. Milko van Gool 6:04.59 12. Gilles Velghe 6:07.39 13. Irene van der Laan 6:25.44 14. Linda Hoogendam 6:29.21 uitvallers: Bianca de Bruijn, Jose Luis Larossa en Jean Luc Piens


 Meeste keren overgezwommen  


Aantal keren

Joost Kuijlaars

20 keer.

Irene van der Laan

17 keer.

Nicky Slinger

12 keer.

Grith Sigsgaard

10 keer. 

Daan Glorie

8 keer.

Jack Brakeboer

7 keer.

Marcel van der Togt

7 keer.

Evelien Sohl

7 keer.

Jeroen Vogelsang

7 keer.

Ton Brouwer

6 keer. 

Joop Lam

6 keer.

Hilbert Prins

6 keer.

Timm Leuchtmann

6 keer.

Bianca de Bruijn

6 keer.

Jan Visser 

5 keer.

Koos Ligthart

5 keer.

Mark Drenth

5 keer.

Kees Bobeldijk 

4 keer. 

Joke van Staveren

4 keer.

Monique Wildschut

4 keer.

Erik van Dartel

4 keer.

Rombald de Rie

4 keer.

Simon Lee

4 keer.

Melanie Kuiper

4 keer. 

Ralf van der Poel 

4 keer. 

Jan-Willem van der Graaff

4 keer.

Søren Mikkelsen

4 keer.

Margot Stenveld

4 keer.

Linda Hoogendam

4 keer.

Marcel Stroet

3 keer.

Lottie ten Veen

3 keer.

Annemie Landmeters

3 keer.

Liselotte Joling

3 keer.

Michael Read

3 keer.

Rick Mans

3 keer.

Edith van Dijk

3 keer.

Erik v.d. Wel

3 keer.

Richard Broer

3 keer.

Delenn van Oostrom

3 keer.

Jos Bankras

2 keer.

Arie Geijsel

2 keer.

Gé Wildschut

2 keer.

Marijke Zeekant

2 keer.

Guus Ruygrok

2 keer.

Klaas van Egmond

2 keer.

David Morgan

2 keer.

Alfredo Indarte

2 keer.

Edwin Kooiman

2 keer.

Sarah Hunt

2 keer.

Petra v.d. Vis

2 keer.

Jacguo Odemaere 

2 keer. 

Rita Lazar

2 keer.

Martijn van Heusden

2 keer.

Etta van der Weijden

2 keer.

André Oud

2 keer.

Nicole Brenner

2 keer.

Manuel Valverde 

2 keer. 

Gemma Middendorp 

2 keer.

Daniëlle uit den Bogaard

2 keer. 

Katinka van Vastenhoven 

2 keer.

Sebastiaan Reijnen

2 keer. 

Anne Paulien Drenth 

2 keer.

Astrid Koert

2 keer.

Ian van der Hulst

2 keer.

Fergil Hesterman

2 keer.

Christian Broodman 

2 keer.

Bianca Cox

2 keer. 

Rick Nobels

2 keer 

Karin Stein

2 keer

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Geslaagde en niet geslaagde pogingen

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