‘A Man Believes What He Wants To Believe’ Dutch Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Swimmer — And Cancer Survivor — Maarten van der Wiejden Will Talk About Diet Variation, Vegetables And A Vision Of Belief At The Amsterdam Produce Show

When the Pundit Poppa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we wrote a piece titled, Never Tell Me the Odds: One Man, One Disease, One Battle.

After a brave fight, he was to die, and we wrote about his passing here.

So, we are always personally engaged in the story of cancer survivors. And when they are young people, who go on to have families, we remember Dad, who underwent an experimental immunotherapy and, he told us that he knew it might not work for him, but he hoped that the therapy might develop with time and pave the way for others to live, to work, to find love, to get married, have children and grandchildren – all the things he had been fortunate enough to experience.

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