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Cancer survivor is first person to swim the Channel four times non-stop

di, 17/09/2019 - 15:42

American Sarah Thomas, 37, tests limits of endurance by swimming the EC 4 times in 54 hours

An American woman has become the first person to swim the Channel four times non-stop, dedicating her achievement to fellow survivors of breast cancer.

Sarah Thomas, 37, began her marathon feat at 12.07am BST on Sunday morning and finished just over 54 hours later at 6.30am on Tuesday.

Read the full article @ The Guardian

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Het Kanaal over op je bucketlist

di, 17/09/2019 - 15:34

Editie NL wilde wel eens weten waarom het Kanaal overzwemmen op je bucketlist kan staan. Roy Danckaarts en Wendy Dorrestijn van ZwemAnalyse konden dat precies vertellen. Wendy omdat ze haar oversteek in 2020 ook gebruikt om geld in te zamelen voor een PTSS-hulphond.

Roy wilde nog wel kwijt dat het géén stoer verhaal voor op feestjes is. "De meeste mensen hebben toch zoiets van, waarom zou je zwemmen als er ook een veerboot gaat?"

Bekijk >>> hier <<< de uitzending.

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Lisa Dreesens volbrengt heroïsche zwemtocht over het Kanaal

di, 03/09/2019 - 12:22

Even na middernacht, van zondag op maandag, heeft Lisa Dreesens uit Venray haar zwemtocht over het Kanaal volbracht. De 27-jarige Limburgse deed tien uur en twintig minuten over haar heroïsche oversteek van het Engelse Dover naar het Franse Cap Gris Nez, vlakbij Calais.

Slechts 22 Nederlandse zwemmers slaagden er eerder ook in om de overkant te halen in de 144-jarige geschiedenis van het Kanaalzwemmen.

Lees de rest van het artikel @ De Limburger

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Clinics hebben veel deelname!

wo, 07/08/2019 - 13:40

2019-08-07 - Wassenaar - ChannelChallenge heeft inmiddels meer dan 8 open water zwemclinics gegeven. De meeste daarvan waren in samenwerking met ZwemAnalyse. De clinics waren in zowel zoet als zout water en op heel verschillende locaties. Er komen er nog wat meer aan: 

deze zijn terug te vinden in de agenda op de website van Zwemanalyse >>> hier <<<.

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Zowel International SOS als Zeeleeuwen onverrichterzaken naar huis

wo, 07/08/2019 - 13:33

De beide teams die ChannelChallenge zou begeleiden over Het Kanaal hebben lang gewacht op een mogelijk moment voor een oversteek.

Tegen het einde van de periode heeft de loods Simon Ellis zelfs nog de eerste zwemmer van de volgende getijde periode gevraagd om zijn eerste positie op te geven voor een van beide teams. Het mocht echter niet baten. Het weer was te slecht om zwemmen in estafette het Kanaal over te komen.

Beide teams hebben afspraken gemaakt om in 2020 weer met Simon een poging te wagen. Uiteraard hopen we op beter weer.

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Team International SOS has a training in Folkstone

wo, 17/07/2019 - 15:01

2019-07-17 - Folkstone - The team of Interntional SOS employees are ready to go! When travelling towards Dover it was likely to have them swim tonight. The weather has however changed. The swim is postponed to Thursday and finish on Friday.

This leaves the opportunity to have an extra training. They swam at leasurly pace for some time to a bouy that is layin in front of the hotel and returned to shore. The water was very agreable with 17,9C. The current was not. It took some effort to get from the bouy back to the spot on the beach where we left.The swim was verynice indeed!

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Brisbane teenager swims across English Channel twice, loses layer of tongue

vr, 12/07/2019 - 00:55

A Brisbane teenager has become the second-youngest person to swim the English Channel twice in one day, swimming 68 kilometres in 22 hours to make it happen.

Brianna Thompson, 17, lost a layer of her tongue and suffered from severe leg cramps and jellyfish stings in the swim from England to France and back — a feat of endurance only achieved by 20 others.

Read the article and see the video's @ ABC Australia

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Marcy MacDonald, ISHOF Honoree, Completes 17th Crossing of English Channel

vr, 12/07/2019 - 00:52

2019 ISHOF Honor Open Water Swimmer, Marcy MacDonald completed her 17th crossing of the English Channel on Saturday, July 6th, 2019, on the 25th anniversary of her very first crossing. MacDonald wrote this to family, friends and supporters after her swim:

“Greetings from Dover! I am enjoying a day by the sea with a few muscle aches after yesterday. I’m over the multiple jellyfish zaps but I am happy to say I will be able to swim another day. The next stop is in Bridgeport, CT for the Swim Across the Sound. I’ll be doing a 2-person relay with my childhood team mate, Geoffrey Michaud. Both of us grew up on the Manchester Rec Swim team.

Read the full article and see the picture @ Swimming World Magazine

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Cold water immersion: kill or cure?

vr, 12/07/2019 - 00:28

Like other environmental constituents, such as pressure, heat and oxygen, cold water can be either good or bad, threat or treatment, depending on circumstance. Given the current increase in the popularly of open cold water swimming, it is timely to review the various human responses to cold water immersion (CWI) and consider the strength of the claims made for the effects of CWI. As a consequence, in this review we look at the history of CWI and examine CWI as a precursor to drowning, cardiac arrest and hypothermia. We also assess its role in prolonged survival underwater, extending exercise time in the heat and treating hyperthermic casualties. More recent uses, such as in the prevention of inflammation and treatment of inflammation‐related conditions, are also considered. It is concluded that the evidence base for the different claims made for CWI are varied, and although in most instances there seems to be a credible rationale for the benefits or otherwise of CWI, in some instances the supporting data remain at the level of anecdotal speculation. Clear directions and requirements for future research are indicated by this review.

read the extensive and interesting review @ The Physiological Society

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Strokes of genius: swimmers’ guide to the UK coast

vr, 12/07/2019 - 00:13
Rowan Clarke on Clevedon, Somerset

As an outdoor swimmer and swimming coach, Rowan is often found on the side of Clevedon Marine Lake giving guidance to all ability levels. She is on the Board of Trustees for Marlens, the charity that looks after the Marine Lake and a member of the South West Seals winter swimmers.

read the ful article about various swimming locations in the Channel and around England @ The Guardian

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Channel Swim Abandoned Due To SIPE 2nd August 2016

vr, 12/07/2019 - 00:05

Well that didn't go to plan. Instead of recovering from a celebratory Babycham in the White Horse in Dover I found myself in a hospital bed in Ashford on Sunday morning. My attempt to swim the English Channel was foiled in French inshore waters by Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE). I'd been airlifted from my support boat and was in a resuss bed.

The First 11 Hours

I started my Channel swim just after 7am on Saturday morning. The training had been done, it was a beautiful morning and weather was forecast to be improving. I had the pilot and crew that I wanted. I was raring to go. I was greased up in the mixture of sun cream and udder cream which it’s basically a mix of Vaseline and lanolin (good for cows and Channel swimmers and even better for Channel swimming cows). Over the side and a short swim to the beach at Samphire Hoe for the official start. A few Pilates moves on the beach and some wise motivational words to myself about not stopping until I hit France and I was off.

read the full story and learn @ ColdWetBloke

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Fraaie weerkaarten

do, 11/07/2019 - 23:55

At the Ventuski website you will fine lovely weather maps. Animated wind and waves etc. worldwide (where info is available).

>>> here <<<

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The Toughest Thirteen

do, 11/07/2019 - 23:51

13 extremely challenging swims for the advanced solo marathon swimmer. If the Oceans Seven are the “Everests” of open water, the Toughest Thirteen are the K2s.

The Toughest Thirteen (an MSF project) aims to inspire marathon swimmers to seek lesser-known, less frequently swum waters offering unique and extraordinary challenges. In 2019, over 200 swimmers have completed the Triple Crown, and many of the Oceans Seven swims have multi-year waiting lists. In contrast, for any of the T13 swims you may not have to wait longer than the next available good weather; and if you’re successful, you’ll be one of only a small handful.

Many of these swims have been DNF’d more often than finished!

read the full article and see the list @ MSF

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Interesting for sea swimmers

do, 11/07/2019 - 23:44
Careful now! This is your easy Jellyfish Identification Guide

It’s that time of the year when the warmer waters around our coast see a huge rise in jellyfish activity.

Moon, Barrel and Compass jellyfish are among the more common species that are have been spotted in large numbers. Some more newsworthy jellyfish, like the dangerous Lion’s mane, will be making their annual summer time appearances along the coast as well, and with them a mild hysteria typically follows.

read the full article and see the clear pictures to identify the jellyfish @ CoastMonkey.

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Team Zeeleeuwen vordert gestaag

wo, 26/06/2019 - 15:05

Wassenaar - 2019-06-26 - Team Zeeleeuwen is al wat langer bezig met de voorbereidingen om Het Kanaal over te zwemmen. Vorig jaar is zo ook een IJsselmeeroversteek gedaan om te leren naarst een varende boot te zwemmen. Het team is elke maand bijeen geweest sinds vorige zomer om te trainen. Dat gebeurde vaak in Aquamar Katwijk.

Het team staat gepland om in de week van 17 t/m 21 juli met Simon Ellis, loods bij CS&PF het kanaal over te gaan. Er is nog één kleine horde te nemen. Een nachtelijke zwemtocht. We doen dat dit keer op de Rottemeren.

Hieronder enkele foto's van beide kwalificatiepogingen:

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International SOS has succesful training camp in Dover

wo, 26/06/2019 - 14:17

Wassenaar - 2019-06-26 - Last weekend the international team of International SOS went to Dover with me to have a training camp. The aims were to get to know oneanother, to train, to qualify under CS&PF relay rules and to have a night swim!

The team arrived at the hotel in St Maragets at Cliff on Thursday Julne 20th. The White Cliffs Hotel is only a few miles from Dover.

In the afternoon the team had their first dip in the harbor to get used to the temparatures there. It was about 14,5C. For some OK, for others a bit fresh.

The next day I organi\zed a two hour training. Asked them to use part of the course the Channel Swimming trainings in Dover use. Because 4 of the team of 5 actually stayed in the water (and swam) for two hours they immediately qualified. One did not stay in more than an hour and had to use the planned qualification swim on Saturday and was sucsessful at that time.

On Friday we had a call from our pilot Simon Ellis that we could board his new pilot vessel "High Hopes" to have a night swim at 11 in the evening. Het very kindly re-expleined the procedures on board and the relay change-over-rules to the team. We sailed towards Folkstone and turned to swim with the tide towards Dover. High Hopes is quite a bit larger than Seafarer II he used when he piloted ECSC. I was impressed by the work put in the vessel and the electronics aboard. The possible comfort is huge in comparison to hes previous vessel.

Below some pictures taken during the camp.

International SOSThe English Channel - Het Kanaalrelay - estafette

Droom jij ervan om Het Kanaal over te zwemmen in een team?

do, 06/06/2019 - 16:35

Welke uitdaging is groter dan zwemmend Het Kanaal over. Dover naar Frankrijk is zo'n dikke 33km. Dat lijkt onoverbrugbaar, maar in een team van gelijkgezingen kan het wél! 

Doe mee met dit avontuur!  Je kan nog deelnemen in de editie van 2020.

  • Kun jij sneller zwemmen dan 3 km/uur?
  • Wil je als tussenstap deze zomer het IJsselmeer overzwemmen in een team?
  • Ben je gecommiteerd om anderhalf jaar samen te trainen en te leren met een groep zwemliefhebbers?

Meer info via de link hieronder:

En lees ook zeker de verslagen van de 4 teams die in 2018 succesvol overzwommen.

De organisatie is in handen van ZwemAnalyse in samenwerking met ChannelChallenge

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