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Jaimie Monahan Keeps Swimming On And On And On

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:46

n most sporting Halls of Fame, the inductees are retired athletes or luminaries in their chosen sport.

Among the honorees in the International Swimming Hall of Fame, many competitive swimmers still swim for health and occasionally compete in a masters swimming meets. For example, in 1977, 9-time Olympic champion Mark Spitz was inducted in the Hall of Fame, but he also tried to qualify for the 1992 Olympics at the age of 41 - in which he did not qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials.

But the athletes and inductees in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame are

Read the full article and see the pictures @ Daily News of Open Water Swimming

cold water & ice swimming (IISA)

Murmansk, Russia Selected For IISA World Championship

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:43

The President and founder of the International Ice Swimming Association Ram Barkai announced Murmansk, Russia as the host city for the Ice Swimming World Championships 2019 on March 14th – 17th.

Swimmers from 30 countries are expected to be represented at the 2019 championships.

Reigning world record holders and world champions Hania Bakuniak from Poland (13 minute 5 second ice kilometer record-holder) and Petar Stoychev from Bulgaria (12 minute 15 second ice kilometer record-holder) are expected to take part.

Read the full article and see the pictures @ Daily News of Open Water Swimming

cold water & ice swimming (IISA)

Dover Docks Revival

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:41

PRESS RELEASE: Marina Pier units set sail to Dover as waterfront regeneration takes shape

The #PortofDover is beginning to take delivery of the new Marina Pier, as part of the #DoverWesternDocksRevival (DWDR) development, which consists of 360 individual precast concrete units with a combined weight of 13,350t and marks the return of 550m of revitalised waterfront promenade.

Components for the Marina Pier are being manufactured by Macrete, a company based in Northern Ireland, and at the forefront of the precast concrete industry. Designed by Tony Gee & Partners, the pier will be constructed by VSBW.

Dave Herrod, DWDR Programme Director, Port of Dover said: “Dover’s new pier will offer a stylish modern structure which will form the northern part of the marina and deliver on our promise of a transformed waterfront.”

“The pier represents a shared vision finally becoming reality and a big step towards a more vibrant and interesting waterfront for the whole community to enjoy.”

The overall design ensures that the marina pier is in keeping with the surrounding harbour area and aesthetically pleasing to the Dover community. The wave walls have also been featured to promote important habitat for macroalgal and epifauna in the harbour - an initiative approved by the Environment Agency.

Mr Herrod added: “Macrete’s massive, precast units and wave walls not only meet the structural requirements, but aesthetically, are textured to match existing structures in the harbour and deliver a high-quality finish for the development.”

Abhey Gupta, Project Manager, Macrete Ireland Ltd said, “We are pleased and proud to be associated with Dover’s regeneration and by shipping the units directly from Belfast to Dover, we have contributed to the sustainability and environmental targets of the project.”

Adeniyi Aje, Marine Director of local design consultant Tony Gee and Partners, Kent said: “The New Marina Pier fills us with pride. It is unique with innovative and sustainable features serving a dual function as a new public promenade and as a breakwater to protect vessels in the new marina. The design solution has sustainability, safety and ease of manufacturing and assembly at its core. For example, the large hollow precast concrete units save on material resources, minimise handling and optimise the use of construction plant on site to reduce construction time. We are pleased to be part of the team delivering an exciting scheme within our community”.

View the pictures with the press release @ FB of Port of Dover

The English Channel - Het Kanaalbackgrounds - tips - achtergronden

Uitdaging voor eenieder

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:35

Let op wat we doen op en rond open water met...

training (pool & open water)backgrounds - tips - achtergronden

The winter swimmers taking on the Beast from the East – in pictures

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:18

While the weather is causing havoc across the UK, some hardy souls have embraced the cold by going for a (quick) dip. For more on cold water swimming, visit the Outdoor Swimming Society.

read the complete article and see the pictures @ The Guardian

cold water & ice swimming (IISA)

Buitengewoon Zeilen & Zwemmen blikt terug op 2017

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:15

Terugblik op een super goed seizoen 2017. Op naar het seizoen 2018!

Bekijk de foto's @ FB van Buitengewoon Zeilen en Zwemmen


Host city announced for International Ice Swimming Championships 2019

do, 03/05/2018 - 01:07

The President and founder of the International Ice Swimming Association, Ram Barkai, revealed the name of the host city for the Ice Swimming World Championships 2019 at a press conference in Winchester UK yesterday evening to rapturous applause. Murmansk, Russia has been announced as the location for next year’s event 14th – 17th March 2019 with around 30 countries expected to take part.

Ice Swimming is swimming in water temp of 5C or less, unassisted with one pair of standard swimming trunks/costume, one silicon cap and a pair of googles. The current 1000m female world record is held by Hania Bakuniak from Poland (13 minutes 5 seconds) and male world record by Bulgarian Petar Stoychev (12 minutes 15 seconds)

The announcement was also livestreamed on the IISA Facebook page reaching a world audience. This increasingly popular sport is now gaining worldwide recognition. The championships in Arctic Murmansk will be an opportunity for Ice Swimming to be presented as an aspiring Winter Olympic sport and members of the International Olympic Committee and FINA will be invited to attend and assess its viability. Barkai stressed that Ice Swimming has the potential to become one of the most exciting winter sports in the games and hopes that they may be considered for Beijing 2022.
The panel was made up of top international swimmers including Petar Stoychev - the men’s current World Champions and World Record holder, former 4 times Olympian and marathon swimmer World Champion, Ms Kate Steels-Fryatt - local Hampshire open-water swimmer, Chairman of IISA GB and accomplished ice miles swimmer and legendary Russian ice swimmer Alexander Brylin. Also in attendance were representatives from the host city Murmansk who felt honoured to be selected to host the championships after several other countries also applied.

The Ice Swimming World Champ has also introduced a disabled category for swimmers and a new distance of 4 x 250m country relay competition. The main event will remain the 1000m race, although other shorter distances will be swum as well.

Ice swimming continues to see massive growth in the UK and worldwide with members of the IISA now in 32 countries. Morocco is the most recent country to join the association.

For more information on IISA:
For all press enquiries please contact Ram Barkai:


source @ FB of IISA

cold water & ice swimming (IISA)

La nage hivernale, future discipline Olympique?

do, 03/05/2018 - 00:52

Connaissez-vous la nage hivernale ? Cette discipline consiste à nager, pendant l’hiver, dans des eaux dont la température avoisine zéro degrés ! Le week-end dernier, à Skelleftea, au nord de la Suède, 270 nageurs de l’extrême disputaient une épreuve de compétition.

Read the article and view the video @

cold water & ice swimming (IISA)

Compliment voor Bikkeltrainingen Zwemanalyse

wo, 18/04/2018 - 14:33

Hallo Team Zwemanalyse,

De bikkeltraining in Voorburg van Richard bevalt me echt heel goed!!

Ik word wakker op dinsdag en denk: Oh leuk vanavond trainen! Doordat er veel verschillende elementen inzitten zwem je zomaar een uur weg. Terwijl ik vroeger maar op en neer bleef gaan en een uur soms oneindig leek. 

Leuke trainingen, leuke trainer leuke club mensen!!

Dank je wel,
Groetjes Germaine

Zwemanalyse.nlreference - referentie

Compliment na privé-training

wo, 18/04/2018 - 14:21

Na een privé les in Zwembad Forum Kwadraat in Voorburg namens Zwemanalyse:

Beste Zwemanalyse,
Een erg goede les gister van Richard. Heel ontspannen en goede uitleg. Veel geleerd.... bijna teveel om te onthouden. In ieder geval kan ik flink vooruit met de technieken.

Nogmaals dank en tot een volgende keer.


Zwemanalyse.nlreference - referentie

Het Channel Team Wassenaar gaat in 2018 weer een nieuwe uitdaging aan

zo, 15/04/2018 - 16:42

Eind Augustus 2018 gaat het Channel Team Wassenaar met een 8-tal zwemmers in estafette van Den Helder naar Hoek van Holland zwemmen. Langs de kust! Een idee dat al een aantal jaren op de plank lag is er eindelijk deze winter van af gekomen.Het traject van vergunningen aanvragen, boot regelen, idee uitwerken en niet te vergeten veel trainen is ingegaan.

De verwachting is dat de volledige afstand van ca 120 km in 40-50 uur afgelegd kan worden.Of we inderdaad van Den Helder naar Hoek van Holland zwemmen of vice versa is nog niet besloten. Om de 6 uur wisselt de stromingsrichting namelijk en we zijn er nog niet uit wat voor ons nu het “makkelijkste” zal zijn. Hoe dan ook, in de nacht in het donker zwemmen met af en toe een verdwaalde zeehond of kwal is ons niet vreemd. Wel moet het een aantal dagen achtereen redelijk weer zijn vanwege de golfslag en de ligging van de boot.

De definitieve datum wordt dus pas op het laatste moment bepaald. Veiligheid voorop!Het zwemteam is ook nog niet definitief. Een aantal vaste kernleden van het Channel team zijn uiteraard geinteresseerd maar we staan ook open voor andere zwemmers.We zwemmen zoals gebruikelijk ieder telkens een uur waarbij de gemiddelde zwemafstand gemiddeld rond de 3,0 km zal liggen.

lees meer @ CTW

Channel Team WassenaarNederlandse kustrelay - estafette