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Channel Swimmming database updated

zo, 11/02/2018 - 18:04

Julian Chricklow has updated the English Channel Swimming database.

You can find it @ CSPF

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Pune man becomes first Asian to complete Ocean Seven Challenge

zo, 11/02/2018 - 17:54

32-year-old finished the marathon by swimming across Cook Strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand in 8 hours 37 minutes

The sea is as perilous as it is calm. And, no one knows that better than Rohan More who became the first Asian to swim across seven of the world's toughest ocean channels this month. On February 9, the 32-year-old resident of Senapati Bapat Road in Pune, swam across the Cook Strait between the North and South Island of New Zealand in 8 hours and 37 minutes. The Ocean Seven, a marathon-swimming challenge consisting of seven channel swims, is considered equivalent to the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge, that involves scaling the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. He is only the ninth person to complete it.

read the complete article and see the picture @ Mid-Day

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Wild swimmers win heated battle against proposed open water regulator

zo, 11/02/2018 - 17:48

THE foul-mouthed businessman behind controversial plans to make Scotland’s wild swimmers a little less wild has admitted defeat.

Robert Hamilton’s dream of an open water regulator was torpedoed by near unanimous opposition from swimmers and swimming organisations, who said they were unwanted, unnecessary and overly commercial.

Unlike in England and Wales, where laws about open swimming are unclear, in Scotland, swimmers have a right to swim freely in open spaces.

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Argentina’s Biagioli and Bertola earn home wins in debut FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series race

zo, 11/02/2018 - 17:22

Home fans at Coronda watching the first event of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) UltraMarathon Swim Series had everything to cheer for as Argentinians won both the men’s and women’s events.

But it was women’s winner Cecilia Biagioli who produced the performance of the day during this 57km - 35.4 miles - endurance race in the El Rio river as she finished second overall behind the men’s champion Guillermo Bertola.

read the articvle and view the pictures @ insidethegames

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Wetsuit vs. Non-Wetsuit Swimming

zo, 11/02/2018 - 17:11

While wetsuits are not essential, the majority of swimmers do use them as they do provide a huge benefit by providing buoyancy in the water. Swimming specific wetsuits are quite different to surf wetsuits so if you are going to use one, but don’t own one, I would sooner hire a swimming wetsuit than purchase a surf wetsuit.

Make sure you try the suit for sizing first and remember there are multiple levels of wetsuits to suit swimmers abilities and budget.

If you choose to do the event without a wetsuit and have had little open water experience, or haven’t familiarised yourself with the water temperature for your expected duration of time to complete the swim, then I would recommend doing this before you take on the swim.

There are many areas of the stroke that you may need to adjust, and I am just going to touch on a few key ones when comparing Wetsuit vs Non Wetsuit Swimming.

  • Kick
  • Buoyancy – Body Position
  • Core – Body Position
  • Arm Recovery

Read the full article with explanations @ NZ Oceanswims Series

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Humanitarian Who Swam For Indonesia

zo, 11/02/2018 - 16:54

Few foreign athletes have devoted themselves to humanitarian and environmental causes in Indonesia as much as Montgomery Monfore, an American world record ocean swimmer, who spent much of the past 20 years in Bali.

Monte, as he was known, made numerous record-breaking charity swims to raise awareness and funds for environmental and social campaigns in Indonesia. His untimely passing in October 2017 on Rota Island in the North Pacific Ocean was ruled accidental, though the autopsy report has led family and friends to question its veracity.

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Crocodile of Nile Abdel Latif Abu Heif: A Forgotten legend

zo, 11/02/2018 - 16:50

CAIRO – 30 January 2018: You might have heard about Farida Osman or Rania Elwani as the most famous Egyptians who wrote the history of swimming, but you may not know about the “Crocodile of the Nile.” A man who managed to dominate international open water swimming competitions in the 1950s and 1960s, winning around 20 major world competitions. His name is Abdel Latif Abu Heif.

Egypt Today celebrates Abu Heif’s birthday. Born on January 30, 1929 in Alexandria, Egypt to an athletic family; he was drawn to swimming even though the rest of them played table tennis. Abu Heif began a habit of winning trophies at a young age.

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Junior doctor swimming Channel to help spine injury victims

zo, 11/02/2018 - 15:59

WHAT’S it like to swim the English Channel? A Poole doctor who only started open water swimming last year will find out this summer.

Dr Annie Maggs, of Sherwood Avenue, will join a team of six raising money for the Aspire charity, which helps those with spinal cord injuries. She decided to take up the challenge during a year off following her foundation training.

“I wanted to do a personal challenge during this year and I got the idea after joining East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club,” she said. “Every week it seemed that someone had done a big event like swimming the channel so I thought I’d try that first of all as part of a relay.”

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Diego Lopez Attempting ‘Continents Seven’ Open Water Swims in 2018

zo, 11/02/2018 - 15:30

While most of us couldn’t dream of doing them all in even a lifetime, Diego Lopez is attempting a major swim in each of the seven continents in 2018.

Lopez, 36, was once a moderately successful pool swimmer growing up in the Canary Islands. He competed for London University while completing his masters degree from 2005-2006, but took the plunge into open water swimming when he moved to Hong Kong for work.

There, he joined the Open Water Swimmers of Hong Kong, a group which meets for weekly swims and offers instruction in open water strategy.

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