Doping controles, zelfs na Het Kanaal

Honor Organization the Channel Swimming Association has in place a leading practice when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. In addition to written rules/guidance to swimmers, they also do some random testing > APPLAUSE!.
IMSHOF Honoree and Executive Committee member Richard Broer was there when his swimmer (pictured) returned to Dover after completing his swim:
Date: Sunday July 9, 2023
Swimmer: Jeroen Breugelmans
Succesful solo swim of 14.44
Adminstrator: Keith Oiler of CSA
The procedure was with swabs in the mouth and a lot of spit/saliva. It looked much like the COVID 19 tests. It had 3 points of measurement. It was done in less than 15 minutes. No retesting.
It was done in Dover harbor at 3 or 4 hours after the swim.
He passed....
bericht geplaatst op de facebook van IMSHOF