Alle uitslagen 10km van Zwaag/Wijzend

De zwemwedstrijd De ’10 van Zwaag’ is veertien jaar een traditie geweest in zwembad De Wijzend, waarbij de deelnemers 10 kilometer vrije slag aflegden. De wedstrijd was voor veel deelnemers een voorbereiding op het openwaterseizoen.

Samenvatting van TOWZ-overleg van 16-02-2023

Afgelopen donderdagavond 16-02-2023 heeft de Taakgroep Open Water Zwemmen (TOWZ) een overleg gehad. Hierbij is onder andere gesproken over:

- Bestuurlijke vernieuwing KNZB:
Door een KNZB managementteam-lid is de taakgroep uitgelegd wat de bestuurlijke vernieuwing die per 01-01-2023 in is gegaan inhoudt voor de KNZB en TOWZ.

- Online OW-dag / OW-congres voor organisaties:
In april zal er een online bijeenkomst zijn met de organisaties.

SPORTTIJDEN zoekt partner


Voor het komende (zomer)seizoen is SPORTTIJDEN op zoek naar een partner.

Consultants onderzoeken mogelijkheden voor zeezwembad in Harlingen

Het is mogelijk om een zeezwembad te bouwen in Harlingen. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van consultancykantoor Adonin, uitgevoerd in opdracht van de Friese gemeente. 

Olympic Pool Champion and Open Water Queen Greta Andersen Dies At 96

On February 6, 2023, the world of swimming lost a long-time ambassador in 96-year-old Greta Andersen. One of the greatest swimmers of all time, Andersen burst onto the world’s stage when she won the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle at the 1948 London Olympics. When she returned home to Copenhagen Denmark, she was a national hero.

After moving from her native Denmark to Long Beach, California, in 1953, she found she needed to make a living. She met Tom Park, a record-setting Catalina Channel swimmer, who convinced her she had what it took to be a successful marathon swimmer.

4-way English Channel swimmer Sarah Thomas talks cold water tolerance

It’s the first Saturday of October, at 6:15 in the morning. It’s still dark out, with the faintest of light creeping in over the eastern horizon. I’ve arrived at the Gravel Pond, where most of my open water training over the last decade has occurred, hoping to sneak in one last long swim before the pond closes for the season. I have no distance goals today; I’m just aiming to swim until 10 am, when the session closes.

The nighttime air temperatures are hovering around 37 degrees F (2.7C). The water temp is still warm enough, right at 58F (14.4C). The temperature contrast is causing a fine layer of mist over the water, as if the air is struggling to steal the remaining warmth from the water below. The skies overhead are crisp and clear, with a nearly full moon just starting her descent toward the foothills to the west.

Heroes of swimming: Abdel Latif Abu Heif

This Egyptian battleship tore through open-water marathon swimming with ease, finesse and generosity

Heroes of swimming would like to issue an apology. Some weeks ago, we described Johnny Weissmuller as the greatest swimmer ever. We may have misled you, and if we did, we're sorry.

Who, though, is Johnny's rival for Heroes of swimming's affections? An Egyptian swimmer called Abdel Latif Abu Heif: a legend not of the pool, but of the open water. If you haven't heard of him, you're not alone. Outside his native country – where streets and children were named after him, and he was feted wherever he went – Abu Heif's name is familiar only to a small circle of open-water marathon-racing fans.

A day at the beach: ‘The shark did a big lap around me. That’s when I saw my fin in its mouth’

When a great white shark stole a flipper from freediver Callum Stewart, he felt terror, curiosity and a deep love for his family – all in the space of 30 seconds.

A week before a great white shark took my diving fin, I went diving with nurse sharks on the New South Wales south coast. It was epic. I’ve always really liked sharks and was interested in seeing them in the wild. From what I’ve been reading and hearing, sharks are really not interested in attacking humans.

The earliest humans swam 100,000 years ago, but swimming remains a privileged pastime

Yet the earliest humans from over 100,000 years ago taught themselves how to swim, for food and for pleasure. There is a long history of human swimming for utility and leisure, amply recorded in pictures from the earliest cave drawings and folk narratives.

The Diana Nyad Cuba-Florida Swim 2013 Report - Abstract

The purpose of this report is to retrieve, present and analyze the historical data of Diana Nyad’s Cuba to Florida swim in 2013. To retrieve this data, 650+ email exchanges, 36 Zoom calls, fifteen interviews were conducted and over 2000+ photos, over 100 videos, crew statements and over 50 documents were recovered.

Part 1 of this report examines the swim

The evidence from the observer and navigator logs, archival photos, and video, present at least one log entry or more and/or photo or video for each hour for all 53 hours of the swim. Gaps in observer log reporting is cross checked and supplemented with photo and/or video evidence.

Open water skill: Superman buoy turns

Even if you never want to enter a swimming event, learning how to turn quickly and efficiently around a buoy is a fun and useful skill to learn. If you do have swimming events planned, a well-executed buoy turn will not only give you a faster swim but also make you feel more confident and look really professional!

Buoy turns can be one of the most daunting parts of a swim event or triathlon. Like a mass start, they are feared for being like an aquatic rugby scrum as swimmers vie to get round the buoy as quickly as possible. 

Swim to Fight Cancer Gouda

zondag, 2 juli, 2023 - 00:00 t/m 23:45

Swim to Fight Cancer Gouda is de opvolger van Singel Swim Gouda, die in 2016, 2017, 2019 en 2020 gehouden werd.

Geen gezondheidsrisico’s door PFAS bij zwemlocaties in de Westerschelde

Er zijn geen gezondheidsrisico's vanwege PFAS bij zwemlocaties in de Westerschelde. Dat concluderen de provincie Zeeland en GGD Zeeland naar aanleiding van extra metingen die Rijkswaterstaat het afgelopen jaar heeft gedaan.

5 gezondheidsvoordelen van zwemmen in de winter

Een koude douche nemen is één, maar een ijskoude duik nemen tijdens de winter is toch een stap verder. De douche kun je weer snel warm draaien, de temperatuur van open water niet. Toch is winterzwemmen een aanrader en heeft het heel wat voordelen, dat blijkt nu uit Fins onderzoek.

Zwemster in de kou

De Chileense zwemster Barbara Hernandez heeft een record gevestigd door, zonder traditioneel badpak, 2,5 kilometer te zwemmen in het ijskoude water van Antarctica. Ze deed dit om aandacht te vragen voor de bescherming van Antarctica.