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Zwemanalyse oefent in het donker

Channel Challenge - ma, 11/06/2018 - 01:16

Van de facebookpagina van Zwemanalyse:

Gisteravond een nachtzwem gedaan in De Rotte ter voorbereiding op de Kanaaloversteek. Grote kans namelijk dat we dan ook in het donker moeten zwemmen.

Leuk met al die lampjes en lekker gezwommen met Jerwin Tholen, Karin, Claudia Emck, Claudia Broeke, Michel, Marit Boots, Raymond Oosterbaan, Lisette Ploos van Amstel, Jannie Vennik, Sigrid Heinsbroek, Erik Rushton olv Richard Broer van ChannelChallenge.

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Swim Bangla Channel - di, 22/05/2018 - 13:10


I was not confident about getting permission when I sent first email to Mr. Musa Ibrahim of Everest Academy, Dhaka for Sapanna’s Solo Bangla Channel Swim, as no man has ever swum on this route Solo style. Musa was more than happy to organize solo event especially for us. Then I silently proposed.. “can we make it double !! “

17-year-old swimmer from Pune, Sampanna Shelar, on March 30, swam to and fro from St Martin's Island to Teknaf Jetty in Bangladesh. He completed the 32.2km-long expedition (St Martin's Island to Teknaf Jetty to St Martin's Island) in nine hours and 10 minutes.  As per the Swim Bangla Channel Authority, Sampanna is the first swimmer in the world to achieve this feat. Earlier, several swimmers had completed the distance one-way, but had not attempted to swim two-way.

Sampanna started his challenge at 5.40 am on March 30 and initially gained good speed. However, after 5km, he couldn’t continue his pace. Strong winds posed as a hindrance to the swimmer.  He literally struggled to complete his half way, particularly, in last hour he could managed to swim only 1.2 Kms. He touched Teknaf Jetty in exact 5 hrs thus his schedule was delayed by one and a half hours.  On his return journey, he maintained a consistent speed and finished the expedition relatively easily.

“It was sigh of relief, when I touched the shore’” Sampanna revealed  “I had see saw swim. I have done four Solos and many Races but never was as tough as this one” Young man was also afraid ““This was my first expedition in international waters and I had seen many big fishes in fish market and cant stop thinking of their presence during swim. I was a little worried and asked my coach to keep a boat near me at all times.”  “Later, the strong winds and high tide proved tough to face and left me exhausted. I was determined to finish the expedition and jumped back in the water and managed to finish the distance,” said Sampanna.

Sampanna is Class 11 student at Sinhagad College and trains at Shark Aquatic Club in Pune. He is a National-level swimmer in the short-distance format. He is now aiming to win a title in the 81km long-distance swimming competition to be held in Bhagirathi River in West Bengal later this year. His elder sister Nidhi Shelar is also a long-distance swimmer and holds several records.

Musa Ibrahim, the first man from Bangladesh to climb Mount Everest organized this swim. He has been conducting 16.1. Kms race every year. His excellent organization made the stay & swim enjoyable. “Sampanna’s Double Swim gave us a new prospective” Musa explained. His dream is to take Bangla Channel Swim to new height. “I’m already seeing many foreign swimmers in Bangla water, I’m ready to cater anyone now “he added.

I personally wish & hope to have Ocean7 Asia as we have nice & warm water here and we can start it from Bangla Channel Swim.

Jitendra Khasnis


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Scientific Research During The Longest Swim

Channel Challenge - vr, 18/05/2018 - 21:49

When Benoît Lecomte walks down the sandy beach on the eastern coast of Japan and steps off the coast of Chōshi in Chiba Prefecture in late May, he will begin the longest solo stage swim in human history.

He estimates that this stage swim will take 6-8 months to cross 5,419 miles (8,721 km) from Japan to the United States in wholly unchartered waters for an individual in the water.

Read the full article and see the pictures @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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Celebrating The Life And Times Of Dale Petranech

Channel Challenge - vr, 18/05/2018 - 21:39

Dale Petranech was the inaugural recipient of the Dale Petranech Award for Services to the International Marathon Of Fame.

View the video (photo archive) and read the reast of the article @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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Linda Kaiser Daring, Sharing And Caring

Channel Challenge - vr, 18/05/2018 - 21:31

Cyndia Michelle and Cyndia Lavik produced an interview with Linda Kaiser, 2018 inductee of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. She has also been inducted into the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame and the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame.

"Linda is a multi-talented athlete and has competed in 50 marathons, many Half Ironmans, 1 full Ironman, 32 Tinmans (an Olympic distance triathlon) and competed in her first Waikiki Roughwater Swim in 1984 when she was 34 years old.

Read the full article and see the video and pictures @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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The Century Swim That Took 41 Years

Channel Challenge - vr, 18/05/2018 - 21:28

In the 1976 British Long Distance Swimming Association annual report [see here], produced by G. Trevor Smith and John K. Slater, they noted the first of three mano-a-mano races between International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductees Kevin Murphy and Des Renford.

"Kevin Murphy again hits the headlines as the winner of the challenge swim in Sydney Harbour, against Des Renford, the Australian champion. Full details are awaited, but I understand that it was a most exciting race with only minutes separating the two. Apparently the challenge is now extended to a 100-mile swim to take place in a few weeks time and we await the details with much interest. That is, so far as I am aware, the longest "Championship" ever contemplated.

Readthefull article and see the pictures @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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A Summers Day Out In Molokai

Channel Challenge - vr, 18/05/2018 - 21:23

"We had quite the white knuckler out in the Ka’iwi Channel," reported Michael Twigg-Smith. "Dean Summers finished the course with a grueling 20 hours 12 minutes.

We saw it all. Currents hooking his progress back towards Molokai, dolphins, whales, 2 mahi mahi and an 8-foot oceanic white tip shark.

As we left Molokai at 5:30 pm on Thursday, April 26th, the sun treated us to a beautiful set that lit up the sky.

Read it all and see the pictures and video @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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Eerste Rottemerentocht een succes

DLDSA - zo, 06/05/2018 - 17:03

2018-04-28 - De eerste Rottemeren Molentocht was een succes ondanks het wat koude water. Twee zwemmers uit Ierland zwommen 10,4km. De koude speelde parten.

De foto's en video's Rottemeren

Ridder in de orde van Oranje-Nassau

Channel Challenge - zo, 06/05/2018 - 16:33

2018-04-26 - Leidschendam-Voorburg - Het was vorige week al duidelijk met het bezoek van de burgermeester, ik mocht naar de lintjesregen. Een hele eer!

De speech van de burgermeester:

Meneer Broer,

U voelt zich als een vis in het water. Dit komt omdat u op landelijk en internationaal niveau actief bent in het ‘Open Water Zwemmen’. Als actieve zwemmer startte u in 1974.  U heeft zich de afgelopen jaren met enorme inzet en betrokkenheid hard gemaakt om het Open Water Zwemmen in Nederland een volwaardige discipline te laten zijn binnen de Zwembond.

Sinds 1998 bent u oprichter van de website (Nederlands Open Water Web). Deze site heeft een dermate belangrijke status gekregen, dat velen denken dat dit de website van de KNZB is. Het bleef niet bij deze nationale site.

Als vrijwillig lid van de Taakgroep ‘Open Water Zwemmen’ van de KNZB, sinds 1995, bent u verantwoordelijke voor het Open Water Boek, dat aan het begin van ieder ‘open water seizoen’ wordt samengesteld. Hierin staan foto’s en kaarten van de wedstrijdbanen, reglementen en klassementen. Dit werd al gauw een handboek en een must voor iedere open water zwemmer in Nederland.  Als lid van de Taakgroep Open Water Zwemmen was u de afgelopen 7 jaar voorzitter.

Naast de Nederlandse website kwam er onder uw leiding ook een Europese site ( u legde wereldwijde contacten, waardoor zwemmers van over de hele wereld nu heel makkelijk een wedstrijd in het buitenland voor zichzelf kunnen plannen.

Internationaal kwam u ook in beeld bij de International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame en ook hier kreeg u een bestuursfunctie.

Van de International Swimming Hall of Fame heeft u in 2017 een belangrijke eervolle onderscheiding gekregen die jaarlijks wereldwijd wordt uitgereikt aan iemand die een grote bijdrage heeft geleverd aan het marathon zwemmen.

Veder bent u  toegetreden tot de Internationele IJszwembond als bestuurslid en gaat u het IJszwemmen in Nederland verder op de kaart zetten.

Als 2e Nederlander ooit zwom u de winterkampioenschappen 1500 m vrije slag onder de 16 min., en zwom u het IJsselmeer (22 km) een paar keer over. En zwom u, als eerste Nederlander, de Straat van Gibraltar met de sterke stroming over.

Verder coacht u een spastische man om 1 km te zwemmen op de Noord-A, wat een enorme prestatie is.

Meneer Broer,

U bent een sporter in hart en nieren. U bent bescheiden, gepassioneerd en bovenal zeer deskundig. Uw uitdagingen voor Open Water Zwemmen komen voort uit grote maatschappelijke betrokkenheid en niet uit persoonlijk gewin. Als je in Nederland over Open Water spreekt, weet je bijna zeker dat u er een bijdrage aan heeft geleverd. Mister Open Water is een titel die goed bij u past. En dit is niet onopgemerkt gebleven.

Als dank voor uw maatschappelijke inzet van de afgelopen jaren.

Heeft Zijne Majesteit de Koning u benoemd tot Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau.


Wendy maakt wat foto's. de eerste is echter door de officiële fotograaf gemaakt.


Richard Broer

Pictures and video of the first Rotte River Windmills Swim

Channel Challenge - zo, 06/05/2018 - 15:55

2018-04-28 - Bleiswijk - The inaugural Rotte River Windmills Swim has been done! Ned Denison and Carol Cashell swam 10,4km in reasonable, but cold (under 14C), conditions. It took almost 3 hours. Pilot ed van der Horst had some trouble keeping his small vessel straight in the wind, but managed well enough. Ned was cold enough afer 10km. Carol could have gon on to swim the full 12,5k and decided it was good to step out with Ned. Owen O'Keefe joined them both for the last bit.

First my own pictures, Then some of the videos of the swims as posted live on facebook.
Pictures made by Owen are >>> here<<<.

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Pictures of the first Rotte River Windmills Swim

Channel Challenge - zo, 06/05/2018 - 15:13

Owen O'Keef made pictures before he entered the water to swim himself.

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The Unprecedented Crossing Of Loch Ness

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 21:32

Tom Pocklington, a Life Member of the British Long Distance Swimming Association and coach for 18-year-old Brenda Sherratt reported on the first Loch Ness crossing of 22.5 miles in history.

He described Sherratt's 31 hour 41 minute unprecedented crossing in the 1966 British Long Distance Swimming Association annual report [see here]:

"The temperature at point of entry was 60°F. Acting on the advice of the Inverness Admiralty Station in Inverness-shire weather forecast, and under my direction and care, Brenda entered the water from the pier at Port Augustus at 5.45 pm on Tuesday the 26th July, 1966, swimming breast

Read the article and see the historic pictures @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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Jacques Tuset has ideas

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 21:26

Une idée de Challenge eau libre en Méditerranée !
Avec les traversées le Brescou à Agde (les 9 juin et 22 septembre), le Château d'if à Marseille ( les 22 et 24 juin), le Levant à Hyères (le 15 septembre) il me vient l'idée soudaine de mettre en place un challenge évasion à la nage en Méditerranée avec ces 3 courses.

Il ne manque plus que l'ancienne traversée Cannes - Ste Marguerite soit remise en place et ce serait le top.

Un mixte culturel et sportif pour mettre en avant un patrimoine "sombre" et une discipline en plein essor. Les condamnés politiques, les détenus de droit commun, les colonies penitentiaires d'enfants ont cédés leur place aux touristes. Ces anciens sites de détention sont un véritable challenge pour les nageurs désirant se confronter aux exigences de l'eau libre...

Amis organisateurs, êtes-vous partants?

please respond @ Jacques FB PM

Swimming In St. Petersburg

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 21:13

Kotlin Race (Swimming Marathon St. Petersburg - Kronstadt) is a 25 km marathon swim in Russia that offers a unique time trial format.

The Global Swim Series event takes place in the historic and cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg and starts in St. Petersburg in the Gulf of Finland and finishes in the port city of Kronstadt on Kotlin Island.

The format is a series of time trial solo swims throughout the summer season from May 15th to September 15th that are compared and ranked at the end of the season.

Read this introduction on this Russian/Baltic Challenge @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

Will Free Soloing Channel Swims Come About?

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 21:10

In 1958, Warren Harding, Wayne Merry, and George Whitmore climbed Yosemite's El Capitan for the first time in history. Scaling the 900-meter granite face was previously thought impossible.

Since that time, rock climbing standards and achievements have continued to be set in many unprecedented ways.

But then in 2016, Pete Whittaker of the UK became the first person to rope solo - all free - El Capitan in 20 hours 6 minutes.

Read this article with interesting thoughts about Free Solo swimming @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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The Open Water Swimming Community In 1971

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 21:07

Back in 1971, several inventions were introduced: the microprocessor, email, floppy disks and liquid crystal displays.

These inventions helped shepherd in the digital age that has shaped the way information and communications are currently shared among open water swimmers around the world today.

But back in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, the open water swimming community regularly communicated by snail mail - either handwritten or typed letters sent in envelopes and delivered by the postal services throughout the world.

The British Long Distance Swimming Association annual report in 1971 by G. Trevor Smith and John K. Slater brings back many good memories.

Read the full article @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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Kevin Murphy On Bristol, Isle of Wight And North Channel

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 21:04

Courtesy of British Long Distance Swimming Association and Kevin Murphy.

Kevin Murphy provided the following information regarding his swims in the Bristol Channel, Isle of Wight and the Irish Channel in the 1971 British Long Distance Swimming Association annual report [see here] produced by G. Trevor Smith and John K. Slater:

"It was one of those years! I set out to achieve so many things went wrong....but it turned out okay in the end.

Read the full article and see the historic pictures @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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When A Shark Interupts A Channel Crossing

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 20:42

Hiroko Ashikawa, the first Japanese swimmer who is attempting the Oceans Seven, was very lucky to have Australian Shelley Oates-Wilding as her escort kayaker. Very lucky.

During Ashikawa's solo swim attempt across the Molokai Channel from Molokai to Oahu on April 1st, she was escorted by her Japanese coach and an experienced veteran escort team including Chris Harmes, Mike Scott, Oates-Wilding and pilot Michael Twigg-Smith.

Read the full post and see the pictures @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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Someposts on Nuala Moore's Arctic swims

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 20:28

Nuala Moore at the Albatross monument on Hornos Island, Chile celebrating her monumental swim. Cape Horn marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage and marks where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet.

Congratulations to Nuala.

Nuala’s Swim

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Follow Those Swimming Between Spain And Morocco

Channel Challenge - do, 03/05/2018 - 01:54

Laura Gutiérrez Díaz wants swimmers to share their experiences, challenges and charities on the new social media platforms of the Asociación Cruce a Nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar.

"Swimmers are the history of the Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Association (ACNEG). On our Facebook page, we are going to publish all the crossings as well as interesting information related to each one of them.

Read the rest of the article at the original post @ The Daily News of Open Water Swimming