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I just finished this monster of a book: A History of Marathon Swimming > 536 pages!
The best histories are written by those who lived it.

The original author Joe Grossman was a marathon swimmer, historian, crew, administrator, promoter and international leader who fought to organise circuits/events for professional swimmers. The book was not published before his death in 1974 and passed (like a cherished family heirloom) to another legend Dennis Matuch then to another legend/author Conrad Wennerberg. Dale Petranech – another of the top 10 historians in our sport “got it on the computer” (with help) and did extensive work on the text. Finally Steve Walker (noted channel swimmer and recent author of his own book) did the last edit and it the book is now available. Well done guys and THANKS!


I saw hundreds of names that I recognized from the past. The stories of the early swims will amaze. I made a note to submit a few more nominations to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame of some forgotten stars. This is not a dry history – the authors and editors have some strong opinions and pulled no punches on some of the “fibbers”, old tricks of the sports and the bare knuckle commercial/politics of the paid marathon circuit.
Below is my list of the International Marathon Swimming
Hall of Fame Honorees mentioned and the first page. The blanks - well maybe you can help. I thought I saw them in there somewhere?

You can jump over to the website http://imshof.org/ to get high level information (please note that there are some differences in spelling – the attachment spellings are used on the two websites). Then if you want a deeper dive go to: http://openwaterpedia.com/index.php?title=Category:People