12# Europian Junior OWSwimming Championship, Zagreb, Croatia

vrijdag, 18 juli, 2014 (Hele dag) t/m zondag, 20 juli, 2014 (Hele dag)

Age Groups are:
a) Men: Youth: 15-16 years; Junior: 17-18 years;
b) Women: Youth: 15-16 years; Junior: 17-18 years.

Events are:
a) Individual Youth (men and women): 5 km;
b) Individual Junior (men and women): 7,5 km;
c) Team Event (youth/junior combined): 3 km Time Trial.

A team shall consist of three (3) swimmers, either one (1) man and two (2) women,
or two (2) men and one (1) woman. The swimmers can be of either youth or junior age category.